Early Look at Lions 2023 Draft Poll

If the Lions were picking first overall today, what position are you taking? Feel free to add names in a separate post.

  • QB
  • DT
  • DE/OLB
  • CB

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Does Bryce Young count as a position? Don’t even care if he measures out at 4’6".


A dominating DT please, preferably one that is not injured. Although I’m not sure there is one in the draft worth taking that high. Adding Anderson would be very tempting, he’s not a DT, but I think he’s going to be Von Miller like.


It’s not meant to be a generic poll, you have to have someone in mind. I just didn’t want to list out a billion names and people have their preferences. But if you are taking a DT, it has to be a DT available in the 2023 class.

I guess I’d go Anderson Jr. then, he’s going to be elite. Not a DT, but he’s a least a game changer and the Lions defense is desperate for them. Move Hutch inside on passing downs to get pressure in the QB 's face and have Anderson flying off the edge. That would work pretty well. Even AG couldn’t screw that one up.


Honestly if we get to pick first overall there are only two options:

1:) draft Stroud or Young
2:) get a monster haul by trading down with a QB needy team

That’s it. Those are the options.

That being said, Carolina is picking first overall. Looks quite clear at this point in time IMO.


Hey now, we play them late in the season… don’t rule us out!! haha


Agreed. I just figured there would be some no QB votes. Maybe it’s a bad poll, it wouldn’t be my first one. I’ll just say that there is a magic power that prevents you from trading down, otherwise people always pick the trade down.

My thoughts exactly. :beers:

No drafting any of these QBs that high is probably a wasted pic, and Anderson is a better player then both. I like what young brings but his size will keep him from going that high. Imo

Definitely more the 2 opinions.

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Anderson is my preffered at 1 tbh

Have him opposite of hutch and you can never stop the pass rush


I don’t think Young’s size will be an issue. It wasn’t for Kyler and Bryce is a better QB and is actually a leader. He’s not the athlete that Murray is of course. At this point it’s very likely that Young and Stroud go 1-2.


I’m torn between Young and Anderson Jr. I haven’t voted yet myself. I really think Goff is pretty decent but there is that rule about never passing on a potential franchise QB. I may need to watch a few more Alabama games before I can choose.

Bryce Young for me please. He’s a little small but he’s put an unexceptional Alabama offense on his shoulders this year. He’s like a little game-managing general and a winner. But he’s also much better off-platform than this would suggest. And I like the idea of reuniting him with Jamo.

Moreover, I sometimes think the Lions are a little immature as an organisation. I like a lot of the players and coaches as people and think they have some talent. But I don’t find them 100% convincing as guys who will make the right decisions in the clutch and they do seem to panic a little in the important moments and especially in adversity.

I think Young has shown he makes his best decisions in the clutch. And that in the difficult moments his play rises to the occasion. He feels like a grown-up.


… Put simply, Young feels like a leader.

Let’s say we draft a QB first overall. Now we bascially created a QB controversy. All the trade Goff rumors will explode. Essentially what happened in San Fran when they drafted Lance.

Meanwhile our defense will still blow.

Yeah but Bryce Young is actually good, unlike Trey Lance.

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Maybe, maybe not! Bust rate on 1st round QB’s is pretty freaken high.


I’m sure glad 43% of you won’t be making the call.
You have the #13 QB, guiding the #7 offense. Your defense is a dumpster fire, and you want a QB #1oa.
Keep Goff clean, and he’s proven he can lead the #1 offense.


I tend to agree, but there is still 12 games to go in this season. If Goff leads us to a top 10 offense for the entire season, you’d be nuts to move off of him. It appears him and Ben Johnson have something good going. But, there is a lot of season left to go yet. Who really knows what happens.

How sad is it that we are all expecting to pick first overall… smh