Ebron, just shut the f- up

" He said he doesn’t know why he wasn’t used more prominently in the red zone as a Lion.

“I used to beg for it,” he said. “I begged everybody. Everybody. A lot of people knew it, but it is what it is.”"

You want to know why, Eric? One word answer: hands.

You were targeted 11 times in 2017, in the red zone. You caught 3 of them. Why throw to you when you don’t catch the balls that are thrown to you?

You got more targets than Tate, who has much better hands than you do, by the way. Tate got 7 targets. But guess what? He caught all of them. Maybe we should have thrown to him more and you less.

Riddick, 8 targets, 6 catches.

What does that say, Eric, when you’re outcaught by an RB?

And I’m impressed they caught that many if you were the one blocking on those plays.

Just shut up and quit trying to blame Detroit for your suckitude.


I understand, he’s trying to rehabilitate his reputation, but, it doesn’t work when you accept no responsibility for your own actions!


Why not just ignore him?

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I’m not willing to let his bullshit stand without comment.

I feel you. But he is so delusional about how great he is that I can’t even take him seriously

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That’s a lot of bullshit to wade though for free.

Reddit loves posting memes about how other teams suck – I’ve always found that reslly ironic, revealing, and pretty freaking sad.

This is the micro version of it, I think.

Ebron went to the Pro Bowl.

He still held his ground as near the top of the league in drops/drop percentage. Luck loves checking down to TE’s because quite honestly he’s overrated and hell, maybe it’s even the system (despite him almost always loving to throw at the TE.)

The bottom line is he is still the same player, just with more volume. Who gives a f!*#?

Seems like he’s living in the heads of Lions fans, rent free.

Great talent. Average hands. Big mouth. Statistically, one better-than-average season. Yawn.


The sad thing that most people see with Ebron is his TD numbers this year (Colts had no one for several weeks to throw too by the way).

Statistically (minus TDs) he had a much better year in 2016.

Ol’ Droptimus Prime is at it again. More power to him, I guess. He proved that he can put up big numbers if his QB goes to the spray and pray method. I wouldn’t be surprised if he held out in camp demanding an extension.

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Nice. It would be so typical…

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Title of your sex tape!


Lol, I think the title of my sex tape would be Reach for the Bleach.

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No matter what he does in the future, he almost single-handedly lost the playoff game against Seattle. So fuck him for life

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