Ebron speaks of Detroit "struggles"

Found this on twitter. Tried to see if I could find the recording on Indianapolis the fan radio station. Has anyone heard anything about it? Wonder the context behind it or the question which was asked. Obviously his numbers are misled because he’s in a TE happy offense now, but I found it interesting he would say this about his friend Stafford.

Not sure where his struggles are? He had 3 targets Sunday, caught all 3 two for TDs. His last 3 games he’s caught 9 of the 13 targets, with one drop, and 4tds. He has 13 TDs on the year. I’m sure he’s getting the last laugh on this one

I am sure he will be laughing come December 30th when he is all done for the season just like Detroit.


I think he has 10 tds on the year unless I’m looking at something wrong. Anyways, all He does is catch touchdowns. I mean who needs that??? Lol

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I think the bigger point is that he criticized Stafford for throwing the ball too fast. Like, seriously? He’s an idiot. I saw plenty of games where Stafford lobbed the ball to Ebron and it went through his hands. And it seems he still has a problem with the dropsies, regardless of his production. He might be getting the last laugh, but his criticism of Stafford was wrong.

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Oh I have no issues with cutting Ebron. He wasn’t worth 8.5 million and I don’t trust him. Now Tate on the other hand is the guy I hope never has anything bad to say about Stafford or the Lions. But ebron? Who really cares what he says.

Yet still leads all tight ends in drops and still 5th in the league in drops. Yet Matt isn’t throwing him the ball, maybe he just had questionable hands and not consistent

While I don’t worry about EEs thoughts, I am not going to dismiss this immediately.

I seem to recall Brett Farve getting the same criticism.

I’ve defended him over the years, but he is a douchebag lol. He’s found his role in Indy but wasn’t going to work here. We never used him for what he was, rather we always tried to make him what he wasn’t. Fans will never get past being the 10th pick and what you should get from that. He was never 10OA talent, but that wasn’t here fault. He does sound like a scorned ex gf tho. Move on dude.

Glad EE is gone , but I am glad I picked him up in 2 fantasy leagues lol. I never disliked him. I hated what he was being paid as a 4th option/receiver but then again , I don’t pay his salary lol. I miss the “potential” he showed. He may be very good in the immediate future…drops or not

Still leads in drops. He just found a situation where he was made the top target because Luck had literally nobody else to target. We’ll see if he becomes an integral part or an afterthought with Mack, Hilton and the other TE back.

Actual drops he’s NOT IN THE TOP 20 even. No idea where anyone is getting this info??? Guessing to make point look better??? Here’s what he is tho…
2nd in TDs in first half
2nd in TDs in second half
5th in TDs in 4th or OT.
On a negative he is in top 16 for incomplete passes to him (2…TWO drops) with 26. Hilton has 25 in four less games. Landry leads the league with 49. AB is second with 39

Btw Tate was 5th in drops going into this week with 5

I couldn’t care less about Ebron, or where his career takes him once he left Detroit.

In fact, damn – I thought I’d finally get some relief from talking about the kid.


Enron will always suck because we passed on Donald for him

Dont know where you got your stats from but according to FOX he is tied with Tate at 5 drops and tier for 4th in drops

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Drops are kind of a subjective stat…

Seems to me he criticized Stafford for not being good at anything except the fast ball, not that his fast ball was too fast.

I think he’s stupid to say it, but he’s right. Stafford’s touch passes do leave a lot to be desired.

Ebron caught the ball well yesterday vs the Dolphins. There was even a tough catch that he had to make in the endzone with the defender draped all over him…and he caught it. He drops that pass most likely if he’s still in Detroit. In the end he’s still not a guy you can give a ton of targets if you want to win the game. Ebron’s targets have dropped significantly during the Colts winning streak.

Ebron usually made the tough catches. It was the easy ones on the biggest stages as could count on him to drop

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He caught an easy touchdown in the endzone yesterday as well. I couldn’t help to think he would have dropped it here.