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Ed Dodds is a Top GM Candidate, So How Long Can the Colts Keep Him? - Stampede Blue Ed Dodds, Colts Assistant GM

One of the chief architects of the Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl runs, Ed Dodds went to Indianapolis with Chris Ballard. His name remains on the short list when you talk to NFL sources about the best scouts in the league. Dodds isn’t the type of guy to seek out media attention or push his name for jobs, but smart owners should be aware of his instincts and eye as an evaluator.


so does this cat wanna keep Bev?

Yeah he’s one I’ve been advocating for as well. But as Air pointed out, he’s being very choosy. He turned down a chance to interview for the Cleveland job. Would he really come here?

Probably not. From my research he sounds like a guy who likes a good def and offensive line

He might come here we will have cap space to add …the team in general is young…an he would have a experienced QB.

The football people know Matt is a good QB.some fans like to bash anyone.

Team does have some talent an money to invest in more.


If you look at the way Indy built their team AND you believe Dodds had input, then that would match your research .

I really didn’t have a preference going into this rebuild. Honestly, I hope they make a moronic hire just so I can have yet another reason to stop following them. But, if they chose a Dodds/Eberflus or Dodds/Saleh combo, I would be pretty excited to see how things come together. I really like the level of “team” that Schneider/Carroll have in Seattle and that Ballard has in Indy (both of which Dodds has played a part in). As much as I value Eberflus’ experience over Saleh’s, I can’t help but appreciate Saleh’s history with Carroll (to go along with Dodds’).

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What do you think of Joe Schoen?

Dodds has been my pick from the beginning. Best available talent evaluator.

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I like Buffalo’s talent level and it took cojones to draft Allen, I think, so he gets points for that. And the Diggs trade has turned out great too. All we can go on really is what he’s done so in that respect, it’s hard not to like him. The only issue I have is I love the Bills coaching staff and I worry that coaching and development had more to do with Buffalo’s success than anything else and that under a different staff, Schoen’s results might not seem so glowing. But that’s quibbling, I would certainly be intrigued if he were to be hired.