Ed Oliver just ran a 4.71

Crazy number for a big man.

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Mario Williams ran a 4.73 and he was bigger (6’7" 294 lbs.) and he still stunk up the joint in the NFL.
Comes under the BFD tag. But thank you for posting it.

Daunte Culpepper ran a 7.1 40 at 350 lbs. when the biggest dumbass in NFL history brought him out of retirement to run the Lion offense.

Mario Williams was a 4 time Pro Bowler and a first team all pro in 2014 to go along with 97.5 sacks… that doesn’t smell like anything but success lol
Also, scouting in the NFL has come a lonnnggg way since 2006.

Although 40 times aren’t as important as some make it seem, they sure are impressive at times, especially when it comes to guys the size of Oliver.
I’m definitely warming up to the idea of Oliver at 8.

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Then, you should be all over Montez Sweat. Who is taller and just about as heavy.

I like Montez Sweat. Maybe even more than Oliver.
Am I warming up to Oliver? Yah. I said that in my first post. Am I all over him? lol… never said that.
Take it as you see it I guess.
You obviously don’t find his athleticism to be as impressive as some, and thats fine, we all have opinions, but I’m just curious… regarding your previous post, what makes you think Mario Williams had such a terrible NFL career?

If you drafted him first overall would you have been satisfied with what Houston got? I’d say, hell, no. That is a fail. It is the same metric everyone judges Stafford by. Zero super bowls…
6 years, two pro bowls.

4.19 20 yard shuttle. Better than AJ Green.

He and Reggie Bush were the two options in that draft, I’d say Houston chose correctly.

Houston was also terrible in just about every other aspect of the game.
LBs and Williams were their only strength.

Simply put, Williams had a very successful career in the league.
And comparing a QB with a defensive player is quite the bold statement. But hey, if thats your metric on judging his career, thats fine too.

This was Charlie Casserly’s big play. However, you didn’t answer the question, if you knew you were going to get six years and only two pro bowls out of a first overall pick, would that satisfy you? Because if that is your standard we’ve gotten a ten year+ return and I believe two pro bowls out of Stafford. He got a 5000 yd. season. We’ve been to the playoffs three times.
I’d say no. And, while he had some success and he was no Charles Rogers, he was a disappointment to many.

Who judges Stafford by pro bowls?

Dude got 5000 yds, but he also owns a few top 10 records for most pass attempts in a season, including the top one. If you throw the ball a lot, it’s axiomatic that yards follow.

QB’s are judged by what they do in the playoffs and Stafford hasn’t had a playoff win. He also fairly gets sh-t for not being all that consistent. 2 quarters good, 2 quarters bad…

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At 1OA? Probably not. But you also cant say he stunk lol. I think maybe you over exaggerated a tad. All good.
But this is pick 8, and there’s no way I’ll be counting out Oliver anywhere in the top 10-15 picks.

I would be surprised to see oliver still on the board when we pick.

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Just saw his shuttle… man that kid is impressively athletic.