EDGE listed as the Lions' biggest weakness by PFN

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With Reader in the middle commanding double teams, and 2 third year players coming in healthy, i think we will be much improved already. Betts is a long shot but i love his mentality. Fits the team. And Davenport might actually be able to stay healthy IF used as a rotational piece.

I also think Levi breaks out and makes the vast majority of you all eat crow.

I think this years Dline will feature heavy rotation to keep players fresh and healthy. Hopefully Brodric Martin shows development after his yoga and ass kicking offseason. We need him to help keep Reader fresh. Reader tends to be a 60% snap guy.

Also McNeil looks like he is busting his ass again. You can see it in his face. He looks trim. He is gonna get PAID next year.


I hope he does. I don’t especially enjoy crow, but, if it means we’re getting better, I’ll eat it and smile like it was filet mignon.

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Getting proven wrong means you learned something and thus should be grateful.

Jamo taught me to chill.

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Brad selecting players for football character is what taught me.

Now i don’t write anyone off as long as they are on the team. If Brad and Dan believe in them, then so do I. When they start drafting mental fucksticks instead of football players, then i will question them. Im loyal but not blind.


I think there right on, Davenport could be a nice add but chances are he doesn’t stay healthy , Houston is no guarantee to be the same. Levi people has said that same shit for 4 years. This group seems boom or bust. Hoping everyone gets better and depending on it are different things. The 2 positions I question the most is DE and WR. People say safety and that also has a question but only the back ups.

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They aren’t wrong. Outside of Davenport (who deals with frequent injuries), how did they improve the position?

Pressure inside and better secondary coverage will help, but there were major issues bringing down QBs last year. Hoping the improvement in other areas helps in this respect.

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I agree with them. We lost R. Okwara, who had some success, and 2 less productive players in J. Okwara and C. Harris. We replaced them with M. Davenport, who is frequently injured, and Houston. Maybe we’ll see more of Barnes and Campbell rushing the passer.

Will be interesting to see how Commish plays… he seemed a lot better in 2022 than 2023. Now we got a new Dline coach… :thinking:

Paschal taking a big step forward would sure help too

Lions have a probowler at DE so not sure how it is our “biggest need”.

Davenport, Paschal, Comminsky will probably rotate.

Betts will be given the chance to fight for a roster spot.

If Houston gets back to his 2022 form, we are ALL set to be a top 1/2 of the league defense in 2024.

Coverage sacks! But seriously, if the guys set the edge and keep contain then pressure will come from all over during the course of the game.

We showed last year that we could dial up pressure from the 2nd and third level when the line wasn’t getting home.

I think the DBs we have are a great fit for bringing the looks that create constant pressure, sacks, and TFL.

The back 7 will be so improved that the whole D-line will benefit and the consistency will be the greatest proof.


I think it is likely that the regime believes Hutch, Paschal, Houston, and others are still developing and haven’t hit their “prime” yet.

They added Davenport…. and probably look for the others to continue to develop.

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Overlooked draft pick: Mekhi Wingo. Had the fastest 10 yard split of all DTs at the combine and would have ranked him 12th among ALL Edges at the combine. He might be a twofer of a draft steal.

According to many, he was a talent in the top 100 regardless of position.

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By edge I think they mean pass rusher. In terms of edge setting run defenders this club has Hutch, Marcus, Commish and Paschal. That is very, very good. BIG boys there.

They mean pass rush/pressure guys. And I agree there. BUT…Hutch, Marcus (if healthy? AND James Houston CAN bring pressure. To me the REAL wild card is Josh Paschal. Can he be stout V. the run AND start to turn his talent into pressure?

The real key is being missed by many. Aliom is pretty damn good at pressure. BUT…the 2nd DT has been unable to push a pocket and force a QB into our ends. Reader ISN’T a pass rusher but all he needs to do is crash a pocket and make it hard ti step up. That WILL help our edge guys a LOT. Benito could not do that. Benito helped this run defense become elite but he didn’t help collapse a pocket.

IF Reader can collapse a pocket and provide lanes for others that will help more than anything. If Alim and Reader can force a QB backwards that will help is a MAJOR and underappreciated way. BroMartr also needs to help with that. ANF if Levi can join Alim in pushing a pocket and even pressuring a QB Hutch will be helped in a BIG way.

Edge pressure on paper looks like we are missing one guy but things may not be what people think overall.

I remember reading somewhere that Terrell Williams couldn’t wait to get his hands on Levi.


They are hoping one of the guys can finally step up. They have invested a lot into the DL this season.
Removed, Buggs, Jones, Romeo and Harris.
Added Reader, Wingo, Davenport, Betts.

So Reader a massive upgrade. Putting less pressure on everyone else.

Meaning hopefully.
Houston - Goes back to rookie season form with improvement on first down.
Paschal- Finally lives up to his high 2nd round selection
Comish - Can Bounce back from a lackluster year last year
Davenport can step in and do great
Betts - long shot prospect that can take his CFL success to the NFL.

Maybe even Wingo moonlights at DE

The ceiling of DE is not what we saw last year

I highly doubt this staff is down on Paschal either. We have so many young players who have the chance to take a giant step this year that most of us are not counting on as legitimate contributors.


I feel the same way about Dannie…

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