Edge players you like in the draft

Bosa won’t be there, so currently
There are a few who interest me and I would like your opinions on the “edge” players you like most.
I assume after Bosa, there are Josh Allen, Rashan Gary, Zach Allen, Jachai Polite, Montez Sweat and more.
Of these I tend to keep Polite out of mocks because of his size.
Josh Allen, Rashan Gary and Montez Sweat are my three candidates. Zach Allen if we trade down

I’m hoping for Josh Allen, but, wouldn’t be surprised if we took a Center to take Lang’s place.

I’d prefer to see a true middle linebacker to anchor the defense in the 1st rd… haven’t really had a stud there since Spielman left. Look at the difference Mack made to the Bears D this year… he rocked it and made most other D positions better just by being on the field. Big Devon Bush fan but not as a 1st rd pick but Devon White looks like a stud MLB and I wouldn’t be sad to see him at 8…

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White or Ferrell, assuming he gets to us.

Assuming Bosa, Allen, Q Williams, J Williams,Haskins go in front of us.

That makes the pool Oliver Greedy White Ferrell, 2 of which should be gone.

Smells like White is out guy. I’d be pretty happy w that. He is the best by a good margin at his position, and at 8 I want talent level, so Sweat,Polite, etc I think is an overdraft.

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I’m on board with D White. I’d love to see Lions get a LB who can close that fast and hit like a freight train

More I see on white he’s just a less experienced version of Davis. Fast, overpursues, takes some bad angles and a questionable tackler. J.Allen is who I’ve been in love with in this draft.

I’m for signing DE Flowers, S Collins, trading for CB Peterson.

If that were to happen then LB White would look mighty good in the middle of our defense.

I dunno. He looks like way more of a force and violent hitter. Too many times David gets there and let’s rhe player slip out of his arms. Nobody escapes a White tackle from what I’ve seen.

Of course the caveat is I’m just a YouTube scout

I’m going to be blasted for this but in today’s NFL, drafting defense in the 1st round means he had better he a SERIOUS talent, otherwise I go offense in the first round.

I agree that the NFL is setup for mediocre offensive players to shine, so your chances of getting an impact player on offense is far greater then a defensive player. But great defensive players, while harder to obtain can totally change the landscape of a team.

To be fair, we’ve had a lot more success drafting centers and playing them at Guard than we have with drafting Guards and playing them at Guard. So there’s that.


Laken… seemed like a terrible pick. But he’s still starting in SF and got an extension in 2018…

Warford starts for N.O. now. That offense didn’t exactly suck the last 2 years…

Never cared for Laken much. He just never seemed that interested in exceeding at the pro level. Always thought he was taking it rather easy thinking about his future as a doctor. I never wanted Warford to leave though, dude has always been a mauler. Just didn’t mesh with our scheme at the time. Not that many o linemen at the time did. Hoping that continues to change in the coming years.

I complained a lot about the team being so much in shotgun and have the fewest rushing attempts overall (with many coming from draws) that the OL wasn’t allowed to do much hitting. Our backs got a lot of work, but a lot of their yards came from short behind the LOS catches and runs. It’s out of the OL’s hands by then.

Instead of doing the hitting, like they do in a traditional run game, our OL had to get hit all the time in pass pro.

Opposing defenses just kept beating on them with no retribution coming. If I were a lineman, especially an interior lineman, I’d be pretty pissed about it.

Warford was a Center. Just saying…

Wiki says he played G the whole time at Kentucky. Tackle in HS…

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I really like Lorenzo Carter.

Oh wait, that was last year.

We played Laken out of position, if memory serves. He was a right guard all through college, and then we shifted him to left guard and asked him to start immediately. And just about the time he finally figured it out, we traded him.

Warford, I think, wasn’t a good fit for the O-line scheme we were running at the time.

Neither of them were bad players (obviously). It’s just that the Lions did a poor job of matching abilities and scheme.


Imagine that?

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Add KVN to that list while you’re at it.

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