Eminem > Taylor Swift

Part of being at the game is the appreciation of music in Detroit and the grittiness embodied in this team, city, culture.

Love him or hate him, Eminem is pure grit. It’s not a vanilla ice story and there’s no Swift cupcake polish. He was straight white trash and rapped his way to the top. His rap battles are still legendary in Detroit.

And this? This was epic…



I love Eminem, but the dude is kinda corny as hell.


A little, but he’s one of us.


Here’s a gif I made
for your use for all big Detroit sports moments


Agree with both of you. He’s corny but he was with us last night. A true Lions fan man.

Can’t hate on that

Just to be clear, though, I would still rather have sexual intercourse with Taylor Swift.


There’s absolutely no excuse for Kid Rock and ICP not showing up next week. It’s all hands on deck at this point.


That is pretty ■■■■■■■ awesome

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Haha accurate assessment.

I mean his name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Corniness was a birthright.

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Meh, where was he the last 20 years?

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I don’t follow eminem or really listen to his music, however a friend of mine from Detroit, now living FL does.
When i sent him the picture of Eminem on Ford Field, he replied with a laughing emoji. Told me Eminem has been a longtime Cowboy fan and found it funny as hell that he jumped on the Lions bandwagon.

Told him I had no idea, for all I know the Cowboys were his backup team, another discussion if correct, but he was always a lions fan at heart. Not sure why I defended him…lol

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I’m fine with people jumping on the bandwagon.

It’s not as though the Lions have always been knocking. You’re bad for so long, people are going to leave you.

Open arms should be our policy.

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Just trying to ride the lions coattails because he is irrelevant now.

Go do a search for him at a lions game.

You wont find much.

He is a virtue signaling stooge.

Seeing some no true Scotsman logical fallacies floating around.

We don’t get to determine who is a real Lions fan.

Not how any of this works.

You must be a Creed fan…

rock band 90s GIF

I have deceased.

As far as I know, Em’s been a lifelong Lions fan.

Here’s a clip from at least six years ago.


I get the sense that some just don’t like rap.


Not sayimg he isnt a lions fan, but him getting all hyped all of a sudden is a little sus.

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