Enjoy It…

I love all the build up to the draft. It is such a let down the weeks after the draft to not have anything to discuss/debate.

I am gonna sit back and enjoy it for once and not get riled up with who the Lions do or do not take. The Lions have spent many months researching these prospects and with us picking #2, we pretty much get our choice. We will have a choice Hutch, Thibodeaux, Walker, Gardner, Stingley, or Hamilton on our squad in a little over a week. Any of those guys will be a huge improvement for us and we have a 2nd pick we get to wait to see who falls to us. Someone always falls in the draft. It will be wild to see all the drama that plays out with our #32 and 34 pick. Could potentially get 3 starters with those 3 picks.

Remember, we had to sit through a 3-14 season and watch our franchise QB win a Super Bowl in his first year with another team. This is honestly our reward for all that suffering. Cannot wait!


Great reminder.

And yeah, we’re about to enter the worst part of the off-season.

Soak this in while you can.


The closest to a Super Bowl euphoria we have had since 57, the NFL Draft. :laughing:


But still usually better then the regular season


I don’t remember that… anyone else? I remember an epic tie against the Steelers backups


My favorite part is always post draft when we all start watching more film of the guys we drafted and then try to convince each other they are the greatest players in nfl history. ha ha

It worked last year with Sewell and St. Brown.

Last year we had posters trying to explain how JJ, our 7th round pick was most likely a future hall of fame running back, lol


Never forget the tie!! I celebrated that day, because it meant we wouldn’t go 0-17. lol and I know I wasn’t alone.


A buddy of mine had said to me just a few days before that, “well, they can’t go 0-16, at least.”
I told him, “dude, don’t say that. They take that shit as a challenge.”
A couple day later, the tie.
“MF’er, they can go 0-16-1!”


I didn’t go quite that far, but if JJ–the RB, not our #2 pick–learns to pass block, our running game won’t miss a beat with him playing, IMO. I hope he’s fully healthy this year.

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I sure hope you are right!

I think that happened with every draft pick lately except…Tavai.
I was watching tape after tape, hearing he was a thumper but only seeing him pulling people down while getting dragged 10 yards up field.
In that case the wtf pick became a WTFWTFWTF pick!

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But he just fit Patricia’s system so well. lol Prob didn’t help that he weighed close to 270 pounds and was trying to cover RB’s in open space. What a terrible player and probably even worse coaching strategy.

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Me too. usually have a strong opinion, but this year, I’m just glad I’m not picking. Will get behind whomever it is, and will especially get behind a trade down … for just about any extra pick.

cough cough Willis cough

Our super bowl. In Brad we trust.

Yeah… I agree.

I don’t remember anyone even claiming Jermar would be a starter in the NFL. I even did a search and pretty much find posts that mention him being a part of the rotation… and some did call him a “steal” because there was chatter of him possibly being a 5th round pick. The post I linked here shows that 1 site had Jermar ranked at #146, and Lions got him at #257.

FWIW… I posted several times about his GPS speed and tape indicating that he has better long speed than his 40 time would indicate.

Haha yep. This is what we do as Lions fans. We try to convince each other every pick is a steal in the offseason and then the season starts.

He was projected as a 5th round pick.
Lions drafted him in 7th round.

For initial draft reactions… I think it would be reasonable to think he was a steal.

Hopefully he gets a few more carries this year, to really see what he’s got. Sounds like he added some muscle in the offseason.

I’m curious what the number of players would total if you took every board out there and added up all the players who are 5th round grade :thinking:

I’m betting on around 150. But I’m really curious :thinking:

I kinda see it as an ever expanding pyramid the lower you get. Very curious to see what others think :thinking:

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