Enjoying the honolulu blue all year around


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How is it?

It’s pretty good, it’s kind of a blue raspberry vodka drink.
They’re 10% by volume so I don’t think I’ll be having too many.

Vodka! Just bury me now.

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Make mine wirh Tequila!

meh, average at best.

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Stop being a snob. It says Honolulu Blue on it. It passes the sniff test. Snob.


Some of these distilleries are putting out great cocktails. The cutwater white Russians will put you to bed early.

I have struggle to get behind canned cocktails.

I like to have complete control of my Vodka intake. And since I like it on ice, I can keep an eye on myself.

When out at a bar I get a double with cranberry. But just enough cranberry to add some color so I do not look like I have a drinking problem. And to be fair I almost never get a second. But it is my old man line that I think is funny.

I get their advertising on spotify…wondered if they are any good.

Vodka on ice?

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