Eric Ebron Rips "Horrible" Lions Management For Trading Golden Tate

Hadn’t seen this until now.

In related news, Ebron is still a dick.

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That’s one guy who doesn’t get it and I doubt he ever will. I wonder why he cares so much about a team he was happy to leave.

He’s just pissed that Tate went to a legit contender.

The “horrible people” comment is just nuts. Every other player says, “I get it, it’s a business,” and Ebron talks shit. Insane. Glad he isn’t here.


Amen that…wasnt he due to earn like $8M or something…that works out to like what, about $250K per drop or whiffed block!:face_vomiting:

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The closest I can come to a comparison of Ebron is Morris Day in Purple Rain

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Yeeeaasss! Jerome, get me a mirror! Great comparison Weasel! That’s one of those movies I’m ashamed to admit I actually like. Loved the music.

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