Erik Schlitt’s Detroit Lions 7-round mock draft, 1.0

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You would think as a beat guy Schlitt would know our FO is not gonna like all the plays Mitchell takes off, or his poor blocking effort. I would be utterly stunned if he was the pick.

That said, the rest of his draft is full of guys who are sure to be on our board.

True, but as a receiving “threat” Mitchell is an upgrade. Presents more problems than Reynolds IMO

You’re right though in that his lack of blocking pretty much means he won’t be a Lion. Would be awesome if Legette is still on the board

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Definitely, he’s a glove fit for what we need. If it weren’t for the aspects of his game that take him off our board before we really even get to the evaluating, I think he’d be a great fit. But as it is I doubt we’ll even consider him.

Tim Twentyman works for the Lions and he has Mitchell as well. That ignorant Sum Bitch!

I don’t squat about the players in the draft…I just couldn’t help @Thats2 :rofl:

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I know, I’ve seen it pretty regularly. I’m not sure what they’re thinking. I mean we’ve talked to every possible X receiver around our spots except Mitchell, do they just think we’re being sneaky?


I just don’t think AD is a dawg mentality wise

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Smokescreen perhaps?? If so they would probably would be better of lighting their own farts.

fart GIF

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My spidey senses tell me Javon Baker is one of our X WR targets. His mentality is perfect for us.

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I watched only the second half of UW v Taxes and the vibes were not great. I think personally he is too up front with his athleticism - if he hid it a bit more he could enter the illustrious “sneaky” zone.

He’s supposed to be a good kid and teammate. He’s just seems really laid back and chill. Javon Baker is wired more like a killer. Not nearly as talented as AD but I think the mentality matters a lot to us.

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Two beat guys both have the same guy. Perhaps I’m missing something? :thinking:

It’s three weeks before the draft, slow time as FA frenzy is over, and lots of time to fill and clicks needed in this dead period, so, pick an outlier.

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I like Schlitt’s draft. I’d take that.

I almost wonder at this point if the whole exercise is a little too formulamatic. Like what are the odds that the Lions will precisely hit what we think their needs are with 1,2,3…they never do that.


Nah but he usually chooses from our list of needs, even if some would qualify it as a “minor need,” like RB last year, or NB/S once we signed CJGJ. He just doesn’t go after our biggest needs right from the start then go in order. Which is great, that would be stupid.

So I think we can safely say our first 3 picks will come from this list of positions: CB, WR, iOL, OT, S, Edge, DT, TE. Basically, everything but QB, RB and LB (and K, P and LS, but duh).

As for which players he’ll love, that is more or less a guessing game. We can look at the captains and the guys who play with hot motors (and conversely, the guys who don’t) and pare down the list a little, but in the end we have no idea.


I definitely think it gets far too formulaic, and then people get surprised, usually in a bad way when their perfect world is upset. Trades happen, perceived reaches occur, players fall and keep getting bypassed while fans have a coronary.

People adjust, life goes on.

This is why I was asking about him in the draft thread. I saw an interview with him and he seems like a mature kid. He said he chose to go to Texas because they had no problem with his daughter visiting when he was on campus. On the field I seen him frustrated at times when their offense wasn’t moving the ball and he wanted it. In the game against Washington he was screaming for the ball and they finally threw it his way and it was a TD. The guy has a lot of talent and if there is one good thing about him I’d say he catches the damn ball.

As far as the negatives I would be more concerned if we were using a top ten pick. How will he respond to some hard coaching? Is he going to block or be content to ride the bench?

He’s a tough nut to crack. Extreme variance of outcomes with that one IMO.

Reminds me of ARSB! Not blazing speed (4.5) but he’s an excellent route runner and catches the ball very well.

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I don’t read Erik’s stuff, but I will say that I think I was the lone Mitchell drafter in the Lions mock. He definitely needs development, but a lot of players (Jamo anyone?) do. Mitchell is more Chark than Reynolds, if we’re comparing him to recent Lions.