ESPN and NFLN will be a joint effort this draft

Sorry, guys, there’s no getting away from Kiper this year. Matter of fact, they’re already intermingling the pre-draft shows beginning today. By the way, I don’t know who has had worse bed-head in these social-distancing times we find ourselves in; Rachel Ray, Suzy Kolber or Mel Kiper.

Ugh Kiper… lol

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Kiper and Vanna White have two of the cakiest careers ever!

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Rachel Ray can have a bad hair any day. I wouldn’t complain. She’s rich and she can cook.

She’s going to lose that weight soon. Especially if there’s a run on pasta.

Fat-bottomed girls make the rocking world go round.

“She can cook” is relative. It’s evident from her knife skills that she’s simply a TV cook.

Up North here, btu’ s are important, but knife skills come in handy during hunting season. I think she’s cute. Gained some weight, but still cute.

I think she’s cute too. She seems like a good person. She’s good at her job. She deserves her success. Wasn’t trying to suggest otherwise. All I’m saying is she’s not Eric Ripert or Morimoto.

I’ve seen Morimoto do a cooking demo. Holy sh!t. Straight up Samurai. I’m a classically trained chef and I wouldn’t even think about trying some of the stuff he does

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She admittedly calls herself a “cook” and not a “chef” because she isn’t classically trained.

She is snuggle bait. Only a bonus she can cook. Great smile, pretty face.

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Started cooking five years ago. Whenever I cook, people love it and it seems so easy. But that knife work and the depth of knowledge from Morimoto is awesome.

I think she’s great. I don’t watch it much at all but I readily admit she’s currently the best at what she does.

I don’t watch her at all, LOL. I just channel-surfed and saw her shooting her show from her house. I said to my wife; “look, I can understand her husband not having camera skills and that she doesn’t have a team applying her HD make-up, but she could at least shower when she gets out of bed.”
She literally had bed-head, where the hair was matted down in the back on one side. LOL

Give me Giada :drooling_face: over Rachel Ray

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Don Mulbach has to be up there on that list.

Dude shoots footballs through his legs for a living.

Fake smile, fake tits. Sounds like a three day bender at the strip joint or two of my exes.

They look real to me haha

They don’t call them fun bags for nothing.