ESPN: Lions tried to trade up to #4 for WR Chase

Makes sense knowing the Bengals pick #5. Lions apparently love him.

So, does that indicate Lions don’t want Smith or Waddle if they can’t move up to get Chase?
Chase or bust at the WR position in the current draft order.

I would hate the move if they traded up and gave away picks for a WR or any player for that matter!!


Tried to trade up or simply inquired what it would take to trade up–the motivation for the two is obviously different.


Not sure a trade up is useful unless it is for a QB. Plenty of impact players to be had through pick 13. Or much lower. This is one trade I am glad we didn’t use up our 2nd or 3rd for.

Like Chase but sure don’t want to trade up for him.


I would instantly lose faith in management if there’s any validity to this.

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We weren’t ever going to trade up for Chase.

This is Holmes and Co gauging what the Falcons were looking for from other teams as it is widely known they are looking to trade out of the pick.

Now we know roughly what they want…and can gauge the trades offered to us accordingly…and even use this knowledge as leveredge.

Smooth move IMO.


Inquired cuz…

Cat Smoke GIF


I did have the same thought.

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From the team that brought you Hello Kitty, now presenting Smokescreen Kitty


Love that gif from natty. The smokescreen KITTY!

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Much more likely that if this was a smokescreen, it would be to try and push the Bengals into drafting Chase because the Lions actually like the other guy the Bengals are reported to love–Sewell.


I think there could be truth to both. Win Win IMO.


I knew that shit was going to make you guys laugh.


This might be true, but there’s absolutely no way to know for sure. It might just be that they love Chase. We don’t know and never will.

So many smokescreens this close to the draft. No idea what’s real. Hurry up and get to tomorrow night already!

Yep you never know.

Doesn’t make any sense that they would name the player if true though.

That gif is both hilarious… and horrifying haha

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I have seen GMs talk about teams calling to trade up and disclosing their target.

It also makes sense that ATL would have wanted to know if Lions were going QB… because then ATL would know that either Chase, Pitts, or Sewell woild still be on the board if they moved back to #7 pick.

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