ESPN ranks Lions roster as 5th best

Ranked behind SF, KC, Baltimore and………ready for this—the Jets.

I wonder when the media will start to realize that maybe Rodgers just isn’t what he used to be and will stop blaming the roster around him.

Packers had a better record last year with essentially a rookie QB in Jordan Love than they did with Rodgers in his last year.


We have a better all around roster than they do.

And them…especially now.


The only teams that I think might have a better all around roster than ours are SF and Philly.


I just dont see it,

KC has a better QB no question
But lions have a better receiving room,

Jets yea their defense is killer, ill give them the edge there, but rogers is WASHED

Baltimore, defense is better but lions have a better offense across the board

KC has Mahomes & Chris Jones. An OL, hall of fame TE. And now some young talent/speed at playmakers. That can catch

And this D is the most underrated in the NFL.

Balt, Jets, Bills, Cincy ok they are in contention

SF until proven otherwise they are the cream of the crop for the NFC for a decade now it is seems

But… nobody can touch our young talent. We are ascending while others are plateauing


I can see KC, SF and Philly,

But the others are too close. (cin, bal, jets)

I just believe the lions have a better OL, RB, WRs, Te, IDL than all 3 of them. And a better QB than Bal and NYJ.

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Philly is stacked but San Francisco has lost some pieces.