ESPN’s Jordan Reid Lions Mock

2 - QB M Willis
32 - LB N Dean
34 - WR C Watson
66 - DE C Thomas
97 - WR D Bell
177 - S J Domann
181 - CB J Thompson
217 - LB D’Marco Jackson
234 - CB C Lucas


I’ll admit, I don’t hate it….don’t really want a QB at 2 but I really don’t hate the next 4 picks at all….

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I’d view it as a good sign for the Lions if Willis was worth #2. That tells me in the event that he works out…we are going to a SB and have earned the right to try to beat Josh Allen.

I’ve heard good things about Dean, but if all things are equal, I prefer a DT to anything. IMO, this leads our DL a bit behind the curve, although the offense is now complete. Just get a fairly high RB next offseason, and we’re good to go.

IMO, our defense is still a bit of a rubick’s cube.

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No on qb. Next year if goff stinks


I don’t hate it, but if a better safety was available at 97, I’d go to that position, rather than double up on WR. My sleeper WR late in the draft is Bo Melton.

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I don’t like the pick at 2 but otherwise i really like that draft. Thomas, Bell, Jackson and Domann are all tremendous values IMO. I don’t really see Domann as a safety though


If we added DT Akiem Hicks right after that draft I would be pretty happy.


Its terrible i mean two CB’s when we have like 6 or 7 solid right now

One Safety when we just have one we can count on right now?

Shows a lack of knowledge of what’s on Lion roster We need to add to quality DL players this is a bad mock


Y E S!!!

I’d need to see who was off the board at 33 to say if I like Watson at 34 and I’d rather not double tap WR at 97


I don’t mind two WRs. Injuries happen. Legit depth would be nice.


What he said.


Though, we have 6 WR assuming one drafted, that I am comfortable with. Plus Trinity Benson…

We have 1 safety and 1 ish LB I am comfortable with. Depth there please.

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I feel like you’d really like his energy. Go watch a presser from him. 4.0 Engineering student at Georgia. Called the defense that won a championship.

He’s a beast.


The jury is still out for me on Benson and Raymond. Still not even sure what to expect for Cepheus.

Late 3rd comp pick, take whatever feels best available wise.


We actually have 10 CB’s right now and that’s with Will Harris as a Safety…but the # of players at a position shouldn’t matter as many of them we’ve signed off the street as camp bodies and/or giving a chance to compete for a spot. We have like 9 LB’s as well, none of which would stop me from drafting the next Brian Urlacher.

We have a UDFA rookie from last season they hung on to Javon McKinley Height 6-2 216 lbs

I like this. It would really elevate the floor of our roster. 2 WRs are interesting.

C Watson future 1?
David bell #2
Sun god #3

Means we likely won’t extend Chark who I’m really hopeful on actually.

2CBs is really good competition but means we have to cut folks our staff seems excited about. Would much rather 2 safeties or grab a TE since this draft is supposedly so deep at the position.

We’d also have to sign the best DT cut after preseason.

He gets paid for this? I’m in the wrong line of work.

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I’d absolutely hate this draft and thank god Holmes won’t be taking Willis at 2

No to the QB
No to the receiver

They need BAD ASS STUDS on DEFENSIve front 7. First.
The fluffy players can be added later. Receivers, safeties, etc…