ESPN Simulates season

Has Lions getting 3rd seed.

Play Rams in first round.

Make it to NFC Conference Championship and lose to 49ers 20-17.

Would you be happy or disappointed if ended up missing out on Super Bowl by 4 points…

Today I would be happy take that, but I bet I would be pissed on day and day after the game.


was it because of the kicker?


I’ll be “disappointed” with anything less than a Super Bowl win.
I can’t believe anyone would be happy about losing any game.
This place lost their minds over losing to Green Bay and the Bears.

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I would be heartbroken being that close to a Super bowl, and losing the game by 3 points.

After sulking for a few days though, I would step back and realize this was probably the best season in Lions history.


I’d expect to lose by 17 to the 49ers, so losing by 3 would suck a little. But just getting there, winning two playoff games with one on the road, would be amazing. I’d sign off on that right now.

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Disappointed to lose the game. Delighted with the season overall and waiting impatiently for fall 2024.


If the Lions made it to the NFC Championship and lost to the 49ers 20-17, that would be a very successful season because it would mean the Lions won two playoff games to get there.


2 playoff wins and not getting blown out in the NFC championship game? Yeah, that’s not disappointing. It would suck to be so close, but I think 2 playoff wins would be well above most of our expectations.


great minds think alike

Yep! It’s been a great season.
Actually, a great two seasons, but, this team has a destiny. It won’t be fulfilled sitting on the couch watching the 9’ers and Ravens.

F the 69ers.


The Chiefs stumbled and somehow lost to the Chargers, the Dolphins came up short in a tight contest against the Bills, and the Ravens took advantage by beating the Steelers and seizing the AFC’s No. 1 seed.

I’ll go for 0% chance of this happening last week of the season.

they would enjoy it

I would be very happy. Obviously losing the game would suck but I don’t think there’s a single person on this board or in Allen Park that thinks our team next year is going to be worse than our team this year. We’re going to keep going up, and if the only place we have left to go is to a Super Bowl, then I’ll take that every day of the week.

Ok, it’s been written now let’s start the playoffs!

We’ll need to be better next year because our schedule should be tougher. But that’s good because it should harden us more and make us a tougher out in the playoffs

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Our top end games will be tougher, but I don’t see how anyone can look at our schedule for next year and not see 13-4 as a real possibility.

Plus, next year we expect to be on the level that Philly and San Fran are at right now. Who’s to say we can’t win some of those games too?


If we win 1 playoff game the season was a huge success.

Anything more would be ■■■■■■■ wild.

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At beginning of season, I had us at 13 wins & NFC title game as a ceiling, but I thought we couldn’t beat Philly.


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I don’t put much stock anymore in the strength of schedule for the next season. Teams change too much on a year to year basis. Wasn’t it two years ago that we were supposedly playing one of the easiest schedules in the league and it ended up being on of the hardest?