ESPN's Adam Schefter is RIPPED by self-described ex-friend Mike Florio--wasn't being fair to Ben Johnson

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This is like when your mom and dad are fighting but you hate both of them.

I had a normal childhood.


The both are examples of a word I might gat banned for using

Plus Florio sits to pee

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Honestly my smart phone addiction has me doing more of this when at home. In public I still avoid toilet seats like the plague unless the alternative reaches a certain threshold of potential embarrassment.


OMG! This is just like in Mean Girls when Regina told Gretchen to stop trying to make Fetch happen!


You realize you hated all these self-important, lying, duplicitous word vomit bitches anyways and you turned the channel to Bob Ross to rebalance your karma.

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That’s so hot.


Florio doesn’t need a smart phone

He just needs to encounter a piece of information that makes him indignant

Not sure that’s something to say out loud…:joy::joy::joy:

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Florio is right on this one. Johnson is being tagged as something around the league that very well could not even be true.

The German method!

I honestly don’t care what he asks for. It’s his decision. He could say “I’m not coaching anywhere for less than 30M” and its up to the team that wants him to pay up or move on. He is being very well compensated at a job he likes with a boss he likes, where his family is happy and growing. I don’t blame him for basically saying “It needs to be life changing money for me to uproot my family and take on additional responsibilities and tasks than I do right now”. He is in a position to be selective and he is being just that. He is young and will get his chance when he wants it.


Just like Mike Garafolo (didn’t interview well, despite Wash coming to Detroit for 2nd interview) and Josina Anderson (wants $15M, refuted by agent and only three coaches were making that Bellichek, Sean P and Pete Carroll), Schefter was used by NFL teams to spin the narrative.

I just wonder if they actually realize they are being used?

Scheftler is a version of mooch , just dress well , but dont expect any work

To me it makes perfect sense what Ben is doing. If I love my job and people are wanting me to interview with them in an attempt to hire me away, I’m going to ask them for the moon. If they blow me away maybe I take the new job offer. If not I stay in the job I already have and love.

I’m not sure how this isn’t obvious, honestly

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They absolutely do. It’s how they gain access to begin with.

“Sources say” = “that guy I started a rumor for last year that still owes me a solid”

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I wonder if he’s going to drag Kingsbury through the mud, even worse after agreeing, and then backing out of the job.

Another possibility is that he doesn’t want to be a head coach right now. You can’t say that though because you’ll be labeled with that and it could destroy any future opportunities. That’s my tin foil hat take for the day.

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