Estimated 53 Man + PS Cap Hit

I bet the lions are appealing the CJ more cap hit.
The 700k difference is his bonus. Reporte are hes keeping it but experts expect him to loose it.

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The Lions got a $8.5M judgement against Charles Rogers, but got nothing because Rogers spent the money already.

I don’t think the Lions will get the $700K already paid to him, but yea, I don’t think they’ll have to pay any more of the guaranteed money owed (goes against what Florio thinks).

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Agree here completely on keeping the OL intact.

I don’t think they let Jackson walk. The Lions are just stepping into their playoff run window. Why let a key cog at LG go after investing in thousands of reps in this offense in him? Don’t think they want to have to start retraining a rook all over again in 2024.

Especially true when Ragnow’s health is a top concern going forward. If they are going to reinvest in IOL, it had better be in a top natural C prospect early in the draft next year.


He better lose that money. Dude was betting on ■■■■■■■ nfl games while playing in the league at the same time.

Williams lost his signing bonus for those 6 games.

I imagine its all behind the scenes stuff working that out.

I think it’s just not guaranteed now, but he could still get that money if the Lions keep him for the duration of his rookie deal. He does lose 6 game checks for sure.

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Even if he keeps his money the Lions should receive a credit against the 2024 cap. They don’t get their money back but they at least don’t get penalized with dead money.


Actually, if they don’t get any SB money back from Williams, they won’t get a credit. They have to pursue it in order to get a credit and I’m not 100% positive they could get a credit on the signing bonus paid. The Lions will, however, receive a $383K credit this year for his base salary (6 games over 18 weeks).

What Williams lost was his future guarantees on his base salaries and roster bonuses of $1.5M (2023), $2.3M (2024) and $3.1M (2025). Which if he isn’t cut it won’t matter and if the Lions did get fed up with him and cut him, he’d probably earn the bulk of that back from a new contract.

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