Evan Neal states his case to be the No. 1 overall pick

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Common Jags! Do it!!


Man, the Lions would be in such an awesome spot to draft an OL this year. Sucks that they happened to draft one last year - just in terms of timing. Although I love Sewell so can’t be mad out that, he’s an absolute monster. Just the timing of how this all worked out is very Lions-like lol

Our coaches and GM will succeed. The only concern I have is QB. If we get a franchise QB, we will be an elite team for a long time. Complete faith in what is going on here.

I think the Lions should take Neal if Hutch goes #1 and they don’t want Thibs

I think the jags should. I can’t believe they franchised Robinson. quote “Robinson ranked 25th in pass blocking amongst tackles who played at least 200 snaps in 2021, per Pro Football Focus.”
Draft Neal and pull the franchise tag. they will save millions toward the cap for 5 years. IF they think they did well in “emptying the bank” in FA they should also think they won’t be drafting in the top 5 for a while, so better get a good YOUNG left tackle to ride along with their shiny new QB from last year.

IMO Sewell was a much better prospect than Evan Neal is.


Sewell is gonna prove to be the best player of his draft class

I completely agree. Didn’t believe he would fall to us.

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