Even more GMFB love

Man, I don’t know that I want all this attention; leave the Lions alone, they’ll be over in the corner winning games. Put the spotlight on other teams. Keep them as the underdogs. The Detroit media and this board talk about my team enough. I don’t need to share my kool-aid with the rest of the world. It’s supposed to be Us vs Everybody! :rofl: (starts about 4:35).


Haha I agree all this attention is weird… we’ve had random people pick us to be the “surprise” team in the past but nothing like this.

While I’d prefer us to be the team no one talks about and just comes out and punches everyone in the mouth, maybe this is a good thing… building the national hype and setting up the marketing for when we are a legit contender and we are finally a respected team.


I’ll give you that it certainly couldn’t hurt with the refs…


There you go! It’s possible… and maybe they start calling holding on Green Bay every once in awhile!


Got started a little early to prep for Hard Knocks this evening, eh? :beer: :joy:

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Hahaha I’m having my post work evening cocktail… :wine_glass: :beers:

GIF by Giphy QA

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Easy buddy! Gotta start with the small steps! Lol

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Who prefers Kay and Nate?

I miss them on here; not the same for me…. :cry:


Lions are starting to get a bandwagon instead of a gut wagon.

6 win ceiling. The Lions have a bottom 3 defense and a below average starting QB. Enjoy fantasy land for a couple more weeks because on September 11 all Lions fans hopes and dreams will come crashing back to reality which is SOL.

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I could live with no Nate, it was a drop off but man it is tough with no Kay and no Nate.

I rotate between this show, and Siriusxm morning shows on the NFL channel and College channel.


There’s no doubt Nate is missed. And so is Kay, but Jamie just started. Let’s give her a chance. I’m still warming up to Dannie while missing Tori.


What happened to Nate? You talking about @Nate?

What’s going on??? Is The Godfather ok?

Seriously asking, not being stupid or sarcastic

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Nate Burleson on GMFB. You may calm down and enjoy Hard Knocks now.

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The pre show cocktails got to me, thank you

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I loved Tori’s professionalism and enthusiasm.

Dannie is also very good, but I find myself just looking at her and not hearing a thing she says… just staring. LOL

Kyle has done a great job giving subtle shot outs to Nate with his Lions love. Keeping the D in the spotlight.

All the FAs gonna wanna come to Motown, guys.

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