Every Jawaan Taylor false-start

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I pointed this out very early in the game that he’s moving before the snap. Here, he’s already moving and the ball is still on the ground under the center’s hand, no call.


Imagine paying a tackle $20M/year and he’s scared shitless against the Lions.

Scared Ron Burgundy GIF by The Late Late Show with James Corden

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I’m probably alone in not freaking out over the false starts highlighted above. A couple of them are egregious, but not nearly as much as the illegal formations or all of the other “movement” after being set. As for beating the snap, a lot of good linemen do that, including our own Taylor Decker. But, at least Taylor gets set and in formation.

Those are just the false starts.
It’s an illegal formation every single snap. He’s in the backfield.
Plus, he had at least 7 holds that weren’t called.
The Chiefs should not have scored a point!


Couldn’t see any of this from our seats. After seeing the video, just wow!

and all the holding calls they got away with. There should be a policy that a team can’t wear the same color gloves as the opponents jersey color. How many holds go unnoticed because white gloves blend in with a road teams white jerseys? It is a simple solution, has it ever been brought up at a rules committee meeting in the past? If not, it should


Not to mention, (the announcers pointed this out) that whenever Jawaan was lined-up on the line, it was a run play. Whenever he was lined-up in the backfield, it was a pass-play. So I’m hoping someone on the Lions staff figured this out as well and they just teed-off Jawaan’s alignment.

I say gloves have to be the same color of the jersey being worn by that player.

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There are more rules about shoes and socks than there are gloves… which actually impact the game.

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All gloves have to be penalty flag yellow from here on out!

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