Excellent Spielman article

I really enjoyed this article, goes indepth into his role and his character comes through as it as always has; class act and good man. Touches on things he does, his view of Sheila and a few others. His earning the trust of others in this paranoid industry.



Awesome read. Spielman is definitely a guy you want in your organization.

Love that he wants to learn more about the salary cap. Hey Chris you looking for an assistant. :grinning: :grinning:


great article, thanks for sharing!
i wonder if sheila would still get booed for the calvin thing…i think not


Discussing the teaching NFL plays and coverages to Ford Field workers, a Football 101 class I think it was called. The class came with one rule/warning, do not discuss what is taught outside of Ford Field, if you do the class will be discontinued immediately. His comment on the running plays with the cheerleaders, we had a blast they loved it.


So basiaclly he’s doing what all of us wish we were doing lol


Please tell me there’s a video out there of him running the cheerleaders through tackling drills?! Lol


As I refuse to support the main stream media, I can’t read it.


:clap: :clap: :clap:
Same here!


I want to tackle and drill the cheerleaders too

Consensually of coarse

Sorry pal, I don’t think even Aladdin could help you with that wish LOL

I got to the point that I was only going to keep one, then Idid what I did with the Athletic, sunday ticket and more.
I cancelled and took advantage of a 2yr offer that both papers were offering to new subscribers;
two year subscription for $22 total. At that cost, I’m willing; paid up through end of August 2024.


Thanks for sharing!!!

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The conversation on linebackers is interesting because I’ve cited Spielman’s conversation with Sears about scouting linebackers in the past. (Specifically, that he didn’t like any of them in 2021.) To me, there’s a contrast between taking Barnes (talked into liking him) and taking Rodgrigo (made plays on tape). That might be a little twisted, but we’re entering year 3 of the regime and Barnes is a backup while Rodrigo is a starter. In the end, Chris was right both times.

LB is like QB in that a lot of it is between the ears. Rodrigo demonstrated that and was picked because of it. I think that’s important to keep in mind entering this draft. If there’s an LB or really any player that is all about football and shows it on tape, you have to know they’re going to be found out by these dudes.

ETA: I don’t mean to distract from the content of the article overall. God bless Justin for being able to sit down with 54 for an hour. Like, who has time for that, right? But it happened for Justin and I appreciate the quality of the content.

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Good point. Really, the 2021 class of LB’s hasn’t done anything special, the last time I looked. I was personally a fan of JOK, who has done just OK (pun intended) and Nick Bolton. Bolton is the only one that I regret passing on. I wonder what Spielman thought of him.

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Absolutely awesome article!

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I love this idea


A razor might though
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Paywalled article.



We might not be able to beat the Panthers, but our cheerleaders will kick their ass!

. I think I actually kissed him on his head"
-Chris Spielman

See…Holmes is so good looking that even Chris Speilman can’t contain himself around that devastatingly handsome freak.

“…When Sheila, Dan and Brad hold up a Super Bowl trophy — this is my No. 1 goal — and I’m sitting in the back thinking, ‘I’m good. I’m done. See you,’” he said. “I’ll be in Sanibel hanging out with a drink.”

Got chills a few times reading this. Speilman is coach Dan, but in the front offices. Holy ■■■■ we have a perfect organization here.

Give Spielman a couple more years to expand & settle into his self-created role, before getting him an assistant or two…so he can train ppl to be what he is being after he leaves. Tough to put a value on that role. It has to be ppl who have it in their blood like speilman …Burleson? Someone like Lomas? Our out of bounds QB that is a sportscaster now (why TF can’t I remember his name)?
Someone who is 100% all lions that blue in their blood & permeating their DNA.

For now, let chris be chris…in a couple of years, try to coax him into training an assistant or 2 that promotes from within.

Love the office linebacker so much…even more than Terry Tate!