Exodus from Alabama - Transfers and Decommits




Yeah, Saban had massive pull, Alabama will be very intersting next year, Deboer is a really good coach, but losing this talent, espically Downs is massive

Washington lost a ton as well.

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They’ll be fine next year. They score plenty of points and will get into the extended playoff format. He has to pull a big time recruiting coordinator. I’m sure that he will.

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If your goal and dream is to be an NFL football player and you have a 3 year window to make that happen in this lifetime, perhaps you change your mind and go to a place that is likely to be more stable and improve those odds. Why not?


It’s Alabama related, funny tweet.



If you don’t tell your nephew to get his ass out of the transfer portal…

Hey, school near his uncle might have interest, granted no idea who the head coach is at this moment. LOL

I just heard that Michigan is the favorite to land Proctor.

We’ll see


I would not be shocked if Downs ended up at Ohio St. They recruited him heavily.

Perry Eliano being gone and Tavarris Robinson going to Georgia make me think he’s going there. Plus he’s from Georgia.

Yeah, I think it’ll be between those two schools (from what I’ve read).

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From who? Im thinking iowa

Washington is going to be bad. They have one returning starter and lost most backups as well. Currently 20+ schools short of a roster.

This is what I’m afraid of if Harbaugh leaves Michigan.
I hate what has happened to State after D’Antonio left.

It was particularly bad when D’antonio left because he was so damn good at developing players. He never started with 4 and 5 star guys, but they often played like they were once he got a hold of them.

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They call Alabama the Crimson Tide and they call DeBoer Deacon Blues.

It won’t, for two reasons.

  1. Players don’t specifically go to Michigan ONLY to play for Jim Harbaugh like they clearly did for Saban, at least as far as I can tell. I’m not saying Harbaugh isn’t a major factor, but he’s not the greatest coach of all time.

  2. If Harbaugh does leave, Sherrone Moore gets that job, and hiring from within/retaining a ton of position coaches will minimize the effect that Harbaugh leaving would have.

If Saban did this two years ago and they promoted Sarkisian, you wouldn’t be seeing nearly this many people leaving.


I agree


Ok this one I can live with

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