Ezekiel Elliot "I'm faded, bro"

Zeke has to be the biggest dipshit in the NFL.

Ezekiel Elliott Forgets to Log Off, Admits to Being ‘Faded’ on Twitch: TRAINA THOUGHTS



JUN 30, 2020


JUN 29, 2020

Correction: Elliott responded to our original story and said “faded” referred to a few drinks he had while streaming. A previous version of this story included a headline with an incorrect interpretation of Elliott’s meaning of “faded.” We apologize and regret the error.

1 . It’s been quite a ride during the pandemic for Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Back in April, he showed no regard for quarantining or social distancing after he was busted for participating in a gathering/party with teammate Dak Prescott.

Then Elliott ended up testing positive for COVID-19 and complained about HIPAA laws on Twitter even though it was his agent who revealed he had the virus.

And now we have Elliott telling everyone he was “low-key faded” on his Twitch stream Sunday night because he forgot to log off.

Quarantine life isn’t easy for any of us, but if anyone needs to clean things up, it’s Elliott. After wearing a mask and social distancing, the most important thing in life to remember is to always make sure you are logged off before you start riffing.

Dipshit. Good thing he hit the genetic lottery or he’d be a bus driver.

Yeah…He’s a step above brain-dead for this one. Smh…

Perhaps his caveman appearance isn’t a joke…

Do we care any longer if our athletes smoke pot? Asking for a friend.

Personally I’m more bothered with the pervy crap that he has pulled with the ladies.

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He will always have endorsement opportunities with Geico…

You mean a rich young man was partaking in legal activities and did something less than smart by broadcasting it to the world on social media? Say it ain’t so…

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These geico references seem largely lost on readers at large. I tried for years to make Andrew Luck jokes that never seemed to get any traction.

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Not at all …During the Draft I yelled to my brother when Dallas selected Zeke …Dude the Cowboys selected Chaka!

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It’s all lost on me. 🤷

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Nice Land of the Lost reference!