FA Corner visiting the Lions today T Thomas from the Texans


@CuriousHusker Ferris State again!

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This means no will harris and if that is true, lets go brad!


I don’t know much about him, worse case a STeamer

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His pff score is impressive at 72.2.


If they sign this guy, maybe it means Branch is earmarked to play safety what with Robertson already being on the roster primarily as a NB.

Robertson is an outside CB imo


Roberson is like Sutton, he has played the NB spot before but wasn’t very good at it. Belongs outside.

He replaced Jerry Jacobs outside.

This T Thomas is a NB/ST guy that would replace CGJ/Chase Lucas spot on depth chart.

Will Harris & Vildor could still be brought back for camp battles

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Talk about remaking a cb room in one offseason… i bet we still draft a cb too even if we sign this guy


Hmm, Brad’s M.O. might be not drafting a CB letting other teams draft and develop them then steal them in free agency on their 2nd contract for 1-2 year deals for the low key guys.

That’s what he is doing this season,but I agree hope we do draft a DB still


I am okay with harris and vildor getting the we will call you, stay ready, treatment…


I believe he is from the D area.

He is, states that in the tweet in the OP.


Probably a player you just pencil in at “DB” and know he’d be taking Harris’s ST snaps, while being less of a liability if he’s called into action on defense.

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Yep. He has a lot of experience on teams.


And for anyone that wants to compare to Harris:

don’t look at his 2021 defensive snaps. Dark days, boys. Those were dark, dark days on defense. :slight_smile:

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Going forward most of the CB signings will be special teams guys and camp bodies. We still will likely draft a CB that will make the roster.
Lions still need a vet safety, center, OT, and WR that can make the roster but not need to start.
I like Q. Diggs and Evan Brown to mention a couple of ex-Lions but I think both have ambitions to start.

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Brad is stacking the roster with young cheap guys with versatility. Seems he’s leveraging his position to go Lions BPA in the draft.

Guard, swing tackle, backup C, and WR3/4 still needs to be addressed. Brad is waiting for the 3rd wave to get guys on good deals to fill those gaps too.

I still would like a CB in the draft too. I also hope we reload the Oline with a guy on day 1 or 2 and another on day 3.

Not so sure about that
years left on current deal
Mosely 1yr
Davis 1yr
Robertson 2yrs
Sutton 2yrs

I don’t know…

1462 career snaps in the slot, 26 at outside corner. (only 6 outside snaps in the last 3 years)