FA Market--LB Milano re-ups with Bills for 4 yrs $44M

The former 2017 5th Rd pick [who has outplayed 2017 1st Rd pick Jarrad Davis], o has agreed to a four-year deal to remain with the team. The total value of the deal is $44 million and Milano will get $24 million in guaranteed money as part of the pact.

That should give us some idea of the LB market.

Jarrad Davis, who is only 26, may get a lot more than some of us have been thinking.

Could’ve just drafted his replacement in the 2-3 round and paid 1/10 the price.

Wow that’s a big contract, sheesh.

Yeah. We got a beautiful looking Tavai over here. We’ll take a strong pot of coffee.

I meant a normal GM. $44M is a lot for an off ball LB

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