FA starts in a week!

Well technically it starts a week from Wednesday, but the early tampering period where they announce the deals begins a week from today. Bonkers.

Things are about to get crazy. Carr is only the first domino.


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Awesome. Let’s get Cominski, Swaggy and buggs resigned. Chark too if friendly

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By this time last year we had already resigned some of our returning free agents.

The fact that we haven’t yet leads me to think:

  1. Some of those we expected to come back might not be coming back

  2. Brad is playing hardball and putting pressure on potential returnees and their agents.

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I agree they would be my firsts Chark we may push more cap down road but I am k with that or any of the 4. Others we can pay what we feel is fair or they can walk.

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The only one I’ve heard rumblings about is swaggy. Nothing at all on the others in the past few weeks. I’m hoping to hear some good news this week!

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Now that the combine is over you will start seeing guys resigned. A lot of talk happens at the combine but deals aren’t finalized until after.

It always feels that way. But in reality the only guys we had resigned were Josh Woods and Jason Cabinda. “At this point” last year every single other player that we resigned after the season, happened after now.



I think there is some truth to this….

Lions D averaged just 20 points against the last 10 games.

Our offense was our strength, and yet many seem be willing to ignore our potentially glaring holes in favor of “fixing the D…”

  1. Many think Swaggy is back here because fans like him…. I promise he has always seen himself as a leader and starting RB. He came here positive and determined, and I truly believe he’s enjoyed it here, but I think he might get 2 yrs and 14 or so in Carolina…. I’d say Swaggy is less than 50% to be back.

  2. I think there is a very slight chance Elliott is back. Many here would gladly keep him at 4 years and 16-20M, but I think 3 years and 24 plus is what it would take…. I’d say 80% chance he’s gone.

  3. Comish- I think he’s back for sure, and 3 years 18-20M is probably the freight. We will pay it.

  4. Buggs- I can’t see a team viewing him as much more than a DT4, and that’s about what we can offer here. If he’s happy and we give him 3 years and 8-9M I think he stays too.

  5. Anzalone- I could see a team wanting veteran leadership seeing value here. Maybe 2 years and 7M…. I’m torn here, but I’d love him as our LB3, and at just 2M over league minimum next year, I see this as a safe way to ensure the floor is last years LBs…. Of course I’d prefer simply going big with David or especially Bobby Wagner.

  6. Chark is gone- unless he takes 2 years and 20M or less. I don’t think he will, nor am I even comfortable paying that honestly.

  7. E Brown- if it’s less than 4.5M APY then I’m in, if not I’m out. My biggest problem with restructuring Big V is that we still need a E Brown level backup and between the two we are paying 15-16M…. I think Brown either finds one suitor to pay him 9M per, or he comes back cheap.

  8. Justin Jackson- I think it’s imperative to get him back at 1.75M on a one year…. He was a solid returner, knows the offense, and again…. I think Swaggy might be gone.

Swift- Last year
Jackson- Last year
Big V
Wright- Last year
Reynolds- Last year
Raymond- Last year

With potential losses of Chark, Swaggy, Brown, and Jackson…. The above is what we have left-

I feel like the Free Agency pool on D fits our needs better, and offers better players for the same dollar amounts….

Bobby Wagner >> Chark
Rankins >> Swaggy
B Murphy >> E Brown

I feel like I’m the first 2 rounds, there are cleaner day one starters on offense than D…

Bijan or Swaggy
Mathew Bergeron or Evan Brown
AT Perry or DJ Chark
Darnell Washington or Zylstra
Bobby Wagner or J Campbell
Byron Murphy or Brian Branch
S Rankins or Mazi Smith

  • I’m taking Gonzalez regardless. But I like that whole left column every bit as much or more than the right column- aside maybe from Chark/Perry
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Holmes must have been drinking heavily on March 21st of last year.

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Here’s one resigning I think we all would like to see.

Sign Calvin Johnson to the roster for $1.6 million then release him. Make him an honorary captain for our home opener in 2023.

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This seems like a good place to mention that Robbie Anderson has changed his name to Chosen and will be joining the FA class due to AZ releasing him. Now that Chosen has shown such good judgment and selflessness with his name change he should find plenty of suitors.

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So Arizona has “Chosen” to release him?

Suit his ass up!! Guaranteed he’s healthier than Chark! lol

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I thought you were kidding, but nope!

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Given how he is a disappointing failure, abandoning his first location, maybe he should have tweaked that name change a little to Chosin

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Me? Kidding? Pffft.