Fail Mary: The Sequel

Lol, these dumbasses. Nobody near Rudolph even looked for the ball. Diggs did, but since he had a different man to cover he couldn’t do much to help.

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Terrible, but the clock ran out on the play before, never should have happened.

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I hate this fucking team.

Why wasn’t Golladay back there playing defense too? And maybe rush more than two

It’s like the front office and coaches are trying to lose on purpose.


That took the wind out of our sails!

I thought it ran out too. They usually don’t grant the split second TO before the players on the turf have even stopped sliding.

Golliday was back there, but he was behind rudolph

He was in on the play but yeah I didn’t see him.

As a Lions fan you knew it was coming. When they didn’t blitz I knew we were screwed. I still don’t understand why coaches don’t blitz in hail mary situations more. I understand you don’t want to blitz somebody like Rodgers who can escape the pressure and unleash it but Cousins is a sitting duck back there.

Oh well, we’re back in the top 5 for drafting. Works for me.