Fake: Giants releasing Daniel Jones

So maybe they ARE still in for Fields or a QB at the top of the draft.

Ouch my salary cap hurts!

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Who coulda seen this not working out?

Literally the entire lions board lol


yeah they going QB in the draft

Minny has alot of competition for that Chargers pick, Though with the Giants, they can reasonably trade up to the Cardinals, and AZ gets the other giants 2nd back in return lol

Fields to Giants
Gotta be

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Feels more like Bears sending top pick to Giants and keeping Fields.

Recall Williams didn’t want to play in Chicago, but his ego is perfect for NYG.

Just like Eli being traded to Giants from San Diego. Same scenario 20 years later …

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Nate, I hope you are wrong. What you are saying absolutely has legs but I think the best thing is the Bears trading a QB for peanuts and investing big assets in another young QB.

None of the National writers are picking it up, wonder if it’s true

I find it hard to believe, they would be on the hook for $36M, just like the Broncos with Russ.


Yeah I was just about to mention this. This got posted 2-3 hours ago by this guy and I haven’t seen it anywhere else.


Beat writers are better connected to the teams.
National guys are better connected to agents.

So …: who knows.

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If you’re the Giants, it makes little sense to dump Daniel Jones for Fields unless you have a franchise altering QB available to you,

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Fixed :wink:

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The last time I watched Daniel Jones play QB for the giants , it looked like his OL was purposely trying to get him hurt.

Time to go for Daniel

Daboll could work wonders with Fields

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I don’t see this anywhere btw. Are we sure this is legit?

Holy shit. Didnt see that

My buddy says

“Oh no you got Steinberg’d…notorious troll account”

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I think it’s more likely to be a pick. One of Daniels or McCarthy.

If it’s fake I apologize. Friend texted me the link.