Falcons HC Arthur Smith criticizes offensive line struggles after Lions Loss

As a side note I enjoyed watching the play they have pictured with Anzalone knocking Ridder out of bounds early in the game. To me it sent a message. AA could have easily let Ridder take the next couple of steps out of bounds, but he didn’t. He made sure to get his body on him. I saw this a few more times during the game, in situations where we would normally let the QB step out of bounds. I wonder if part of our strategy for dealing with QBs running is to make sure they take hits each time they do it.


Just listening to his media session today.

So glad this isn’t the direction we went.

I sure hope so. If they want to run, you gotta make em pay for it. Benito lit up Mahomes back in week 1 and Mahomes basically stopped running after that.