Fantasy vs Reality- part 2

Did the Panthers trading for a draft just really hurt us? Really? Darnold and Locke are both sub 60% completion guys with 6.5 ypa and nearly as many picks as tds. They both suck!

In the real world 5 QBs aren’t going top 7/9. At least 1-2 will interview like boneheads. Teams will fall in love with Parsons (see Keuchly arm length), Chase, Pitts, Sewell, Slater, or D Smith…

If we “want” to trade down, it’s definitely there. If we want a Herschel hail or to play games in valuation, sure teams will move on to Carolina.

Right now I see Slater, J Chase, and Parsons as ideal need/talent fits. If our brass doesn’t I’d trade down. Take 15, 2nd and 4th… THAT 2nd IS E MOORE- he’s my Antonio Brown comp.

Z Collins
A Leatherwood
E Moore
N Collins/A Rodgers
J Tufele


E Moore
A Banks
A Rodgers

I’d take either.

Look at Tuas stats coming off a major hip injury. Then factor their OL will be more experienced, and they have 3 picks top 45 or so…

Why would they take Pitts? To have 2 guys at TE who are 6’5” a d fast that can’t block? Geisecki is pacing to a 900 yard 8-9 td season this year or TE3/5 in the league? They are the closest team to already having Pitts already?

R Slater
** J Chase Detroit
M Parsons (Keuchly replacement)
T Lance
** Trade to NE
M Jones
D Smith
J Waddle
C Darishaw
P Surtain
** J Horn** cowboys

This is my projected top 15

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I’ve wavered on this myself. I think he’s probably in play but isn’t their primary target.

MIA could go OL sure but their OL started to play well done the stretch. They started 3 rookies in that OL last year and they started to play well together. They went OT in rounds 1 and 2 last year too. It just feels a bit much to go OT this early again but it’s possible. Especially if they like Sewell or Slater.

Pitts seems possible but they do have two TE’s they like now. Gesicki put up 700+ yards last year. Smythe isn’t a bad #2.

I could be wrong but my gut tells me that Mia is either targeting a WR or they want Parsons. It kinda makes sense to pair Tua with Smith or Waddle but it’s a deep WR class.

Yep. My initial fear when I heard the trade was that Miami wants Parsons.