Fast or furious: Detroit Lions desperate to find fix for slow starts

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Ugghh, that article was disappointing, specifically in how it accurately described the Lions history and my fandom.
This was one that stood out for the future which I think we have seen the beginnings of.

For Detroit, it’s about winning week after week, becoming a competent and then compelling team, challenging for a division title for the first time since the 1993 season and then somehow getting into January and actually advancing.

For most franchises, that’s an annual and reasonable goal.

For Detroit, such potential is so rare that it seems dangerous to embrace. It’s how a season opener could actually mean so much, because the organization has historically accomplished so little.

Thursday is coming though, a rare opportunity coming into focus.

A loss won’t break the Lions. A win, however, sure could propel them.

They fixed the problem.
It was a historically bad defense last year.
The offense outscored our opponents by 1 point through the first 4 games last year, with Chark and Jamo non-factors.

What’s interesting is that if you just focus on our week 1 games, the 2nd quarter is where we have gotten crushed.

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