Fastest to 40,000 - Stafford need 352 yrds

Stafford is the fastest to 30,000 yrds.
He’s going to be the fastest to 40,000 yards if he can get just 352 yrds over the next 5 games.

He might do it tonight. But my gut says he will fall short and hit it at home next week. Where the home crowd can get behind it.

As a season ticket holder I’d love to see it live. I was there when Sanders hit 2000 yrds. I was there when CJ broke the record.

But as a Lions fan I’d love to see him hit it tonight on National TV in a blow out win over GB. I’d love to see him hit 400 yrds tonight and 4 TD’s to put up a monster game to break the record.

Personally I just want a win tonight so I’m ok if he passes for 59 yrds and the Lions run game and the defense wins the game.

But let’s keep winning and losing out of this topic.

Would you rather see him break it on National TV vs GB or at home VS the Vikings?