FatBoy ❤ Tavai

With our luck the dude follows Van Noy and becomes a good player…

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This will NOT be a Kyle Van Noy redux situation.

Tavai will be just as much of a bum there as he was here.

Go ahead and put me on crow-eating watch.


This has Fatty Ps influence written all over it.

Van Noy was axed here due to us not using him right. Trying to fit a square peg in a round hole in our scheme at the time.

Jahlani just lacks instincts and doesn’t have the athleticism to make up for it. I’m curious to see what Belichick does with him.

Two fats don’t make it right.


I’ll join you. Van Noy never fit the defensive scheme, and needed to go somewhere that used the right scheme. Tavai is a slow and often lost linebacker who can’t tackle. There is no defensive scheme that includes a linebacker in cement shoes who makes bad reads and can’t tackle.

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So does fatty patty. Maybe this is acid reflux

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The flaw in this thinking is presupposing that we every actually had a scheme. :wink:
We have has some seriously, seriously deep level incompetence here.
I can see Patricia and the boys during a time out…“Ya gotta run faster!” “You have to try harder!” “Stop missing tackles”
“Lions on 3! 1,2,3…liiie-ons (in disingenuous lacking any commitment voice)”

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If Belichick can re-incarnate Tavai, I’ll stop watching football completely



LOL - you can find a gif of anything, these days. Tavai pooping in his uniform. HA!