Favorite Christmas Songs

One of my favs.

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In order - top 3. Loved how TSO made one of my favorite classical songs feel like Christmas. I know one of the dudes that plays for TSO. Massive muscled-up, dude. You’d never expect him to do that for a living.

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Last Christmas - Wham!
Christmas Wrapping - Waitresses
I Celebrate The Day - Reliant K

Everything else kinda sucks TBH. A lot of singers overdo the classics and therefore rip the beating heart out of those songs, so I won’t bother listing them.


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Most anything from T-SO or Manhiem Steamroller. Oh, and Vince Geraldi Trio.

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Its cliche at this point but…

…Mariah Carey - All I want for Christmas is you

I prefer the classic versions

Nat King Cole - Christmas Song
Brenda Lee - Rockin round the Christmas Tree

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Canon that someone posted is pretty mesmerizing. Would like to see that Live.

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I kind of prefer this rendition of O’ Holy Night from Mariah Carey.

Not only does she look fantastic, she sings the hell outta this song. Clearly at her peak when she recorded this.

Saw them this December. Go see it. Great show

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Always on rotation here

Andy Williams Christmas Album. If you don’t lOve Andy Williams at Christmastime, the terrorists have already won.

Charlie Brown Christmas Album (official, but played by Vince Guaraldi Trio if u r looking for it by players)

Any combo of Burl Ives, Mel Torme and Frankie. No Dean Martin and for damn sure no Perry Como.

Take 6 Christmas Albums 1 and 2

Any combo of Xmas songs by Glad, Vocatave, NY Voices.

and for damn sure

The soundtrack from The Grinch.

It Is Not Christmas until you hear the " You’re a crooked jerky jockey and you ride a crooked hoss, Mister Griiiiii-INCH!" line.

Oh P.S. Mariah Carey sucks donkey balls.

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Dino is easily my favorite crooner.

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Yes, I like that one too.

Yes, that Christmas album is talent plus.

I heard most downloaded Christmas song ever.

Yes, I dig that one too, and Burl Ives…Holly Jolly Christmas.

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Nope, that title belongs to Paul McCartney, and it pisses me off that he doesn’t get enough flack for it.

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Wholeheartedly disagree on that one with you.

Makes you wonder how that awful artist is worth a half billion dollars…

Masses of people, as defined by The Waco Kid…

I mean JaMarcus Russell was worth tens of millions at some point…

JK Rowling was a billionaire…Whoever wrote the Twilight series is rich…

Marie (the blonde one), is a Personal friend That I volunteer with. Even listening to her just speak, with her Irish accent - easily the most beautiful thing I’ve heard, so far in my life.

This is one of their original Christmas songs.

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