Favorite hypothetical path to the Superbowl?

Was playing around with the playoff predictor for seeding and got me wondering what I thought the best route would be (at least storylines) should the Lions make a deep run. There are so many good options and I feel like every team brings something, but I think this would be the most satisfying:


WC Matchup: GB @ DET:
Lots of history between the two teams and this would be the “passing of the torch” so to speak. We finally exercise years of the Packers beating our asses with Favre and Rodgers and assert ourselves as the clear and dominate force in the NFC North for years to come. We become the team that Jordan Love can never get past like the Packers were for a majority of the time Stafford was here.

Other games: Rams beat Philly and Dallas beats New Orleans.

Divisional Round: DAL @ DET:
It’s time for payback! For the last playoff game that we were screwed by the refs and the party bus incident and then of course, this last weekend. It almost feels destined that these two should meet up again. This time it’s in Detroit and Ford Field is wild. We beat the hell out of the Cowboys and get our revenge to move the the NFC Championship.

Other games: Rams beat SF.

NFC Championship: LAR @ DET:
This, to me, is the ultimate NFC Championship in terms of storylines. I can’t even imagine what it would be like. The only thing standing between the Lions and a trip to the Superbowl is the QB who was supposed to win it all for Detroit but never could, but did it elsewhere. This is the game that truly breaks Bobby Layne’s curse as the Lions beat the kid from Highland Park who was supposed to be the “chosen one” and it happens at Ford Field.

What do you guys think? I know there are probably some better “preferred” matchups, but as far as storylines for the Lions, I feel like this path is king. To me, it wouldn’t matter who we played in the SB…doesn’t really matter, but man, beating the Browns would be hilarious.


This is what I been saying for weeks we would end up as 3 seed.

Hoped Minny would win SNF and we would rest starters and get them wild card round

Dallas is going to win NFCE . No team wins back to back in that Division. And No way Washington upset them this week.

Stafford @ Dallas
He switched the script up this week.
Just need a 9ers win Sunday & GB win

GB, TB, LA then Super Bowl

That’s our path !!

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Hypothetical? :thinking:

Something like …

Round 1 - Sean McVay runs out of LA Looks hair gel. Resurgent supply chain issues prevent him from procuring replacement product. He refuses to take the field without his spiky hair to conceal his true height. Rams forfeit.

Round 2 - The Jerry Jones 3000 cyborg which has been running the organization for seven years after the owner’s secretive death malfunctions and explodes leveling AT&T stadium in ruin. Dak survives but spends gameday in the burn ward. The game is moved to Ford Field. Rush plays QB like he’s Geddy Lee. We win going away.

Conference Championship game - After intercepting Brock Purdy seven times the Lions nearly blow the game to Sam Darnold and his magical Lion fighting powers. But the good guys survive.

Super Bowl - rumors that Jack Harlowe will be the replacement halftime act spooks Lamar Jackson to such a great extent that he plays QB like a white man. It turns out that Lamar makes a terrible Jay Schroeder and the Ravens lose big.

Not what I was expecting…but also…not disappointed. :joy:

Don’t let @FreebirdPartDeux fool ya he stole my script and just reposted it

Eddie Murphy Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

Beat Vikes, Dallas and Philly both lose. We’re the 2 seed.

Wild Card: Beat Seattle 2 vs. 7
Divisional round: Beat Dallas 2 vs 3
NFC championship: Beat Philly 2 vs 5
Super Bowl: Beat Cleveland

Edit: Did mine before I read yours. I have to admit I may like yours a little better.

How is that possible?:rofl:

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Lions play Dallas for the NFC championship and throw a TD pass to number 70 to beat them.


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