Feed Us - Johnson/Anderson hype


Sorry Ron, no fishin’ for you. Video unavailable…

Click on the YouTube link.

Yeah, click; “watch on YouTube”.

Barring injury, definite massive upgrade from last year. Love KJ’s versatility, and Anderson is a huge upgrade from Blount.

Fingers crossed. should be fun to watch.

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Works for me. Move the sticks, gain field position, run the clock and keep your defense and their offense off the field, sounds like a recipe for success. Make the play action passes work better too.


Fully support being excited for Kerryon. Young, entering his prime. Perfect time for an RB to “break out”.
Not holding my breath on CJ. Hope he surprises me. But I’m expecting he’ll look more like Blount then Gurley.

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Zenner is a huge upgrade from Blount.


Either of us may be a fairly sizable upgrade from Blount!

There was an article that explicitly showed (pictures and everything) that Zenner was getting more out of the same plays than Blount.

I expect to see Zenner give CJ a run for his money. But for some reason, 4.7ypc just isn’t good enough to secure a backup job…


It’s probably his (Zenner) injury history. He’s been very solid when playing healthy for us.

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He’s too white as well :joy:

To be fair, if anyone can actually be too white, Zach Zenner is probably that person. (Or me. Maybe me.)

In all seriousness, his injury history probably does have some bearing. He’s been good when healthy, but has he ever made it through an entire season without some sort of major injury?

Played 14 games in 2016, starting 4.

Big chest blowout in 2015, but he got back in 2016.

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