Feel Much Better About The Team Now

Took a personal time out recently for a few reasons (willing to bet few noticed). Mostly myself, so a bye week was in order. Going back to Thanksgiving Eve when I got miffed about a post. Had a response yet opted to delete it and log out. Next day was the game that I attended with my son…oof. Well, when I got home from that debacle, wanted to see what my brothern thought. The board was out of kilter, as was myself. So decided to ban myself and just started reading posts this evening while watching TNF.

Did this deserve a thread? Few of mine do.

Knowing this is brand new turf and we are now the prize that lesser teams covet, just doesn’t click yet. So just going to sit back, try not to get pissed so easily and just enjoy the ride.


Hulk Hogan Sport GIF by WWE
^^ Me after the game & watching our brothers abandon the team on Turkeyday^^

p.s. I’ve got your back, Holmes


Meanwhile, anyone else nervous about facing Seattle in the playoffs?

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“Enjoy the ride.” You said it at the end of your post. That’s what I am doing and what I advise every Lions fan to do.


■■■■ Seattle


Yessir! They’ve exceeded my expectations this season, so far.
I just hate seeing them lose.:rofl:


Just take a couple gummies brother…and we will be in the super bowl in no time

Ps i need some gummies :laughing:

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You have pot over there, no gummies in Canadia?

Haha on every corner pretty much… I’m on a strict no gummy regime until the playoff wins. Easier said than done but I got this

Think the Birds are cooked. That was their best game they have played and it was still an L.

And here comes Philly and SF b2b and a tough gane with Blitzburgh.

Dallas ATL and Green Bay is my 5-7. I think NOLA takes the South.

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