Few interesting points i heard.Detroit Lions Podcast

Ennis Rakestraw Jr had a core muscle operation in Feb. its possible he will have late start on team . If that’s the case they can keep him on injury like they did Hooker an Mosely last season.

Another point if you heard Brad say there was issue with Christian Mahogany I heard it was one leg is longer than the other how much they didn’t say an might have made teams avoid him . Based on playing the whole season in 2023 he must have a way for it to not bother him during football.
thought the two points were interesting an if the CB is delayed we now have the depth to cover the missed time .


Great info on both points! Thanks for sharing!

The leg thing is weird. Like, who measures that? Is it more than an inch? Does it mess up his hips somehow? What an interesting quirk…

Oh another point was made I guess Peoples has spent a lot of time working an reshaping his body he is a lot like bigger . Lions wanted tall big body WR they may just have one now.


That’s a new one for me… lol usually it’s the arm length debate.

It’s actually quite common as is one foot being bigger than the other.

It’s definitely something that can be managed with good orthotics. With out it there is a risk of throwing off the whole alignmment and back/knee/hip issues.

Wouldn’t think it would keep teams from drafting him unless it was huge.

The difference I’ve seen where you adjust for it is usually 3-5mm. Enough to throw off the body if not corrected for.


My daughter got one from playing sports where she had a tilted pelvis.

Pretty easy to fix. Hers was over an inch and it was fixed with physical therapy and stretching. Took maybe 10-12 weeks.

The realty was that is was about an half and inch tilt. Pulling one leg up and the other down. Caused pain by pinching the tail bone


Just have to adjust his aim like those vibrating football games of our youth.



Nose ring, leg length. I think people are over thinking it.

He missed a year of football due to an acl injury and doesn’t have position flexibility. Those are two things that causes players to drop.


No this is not a made up reason like nose ring. This came from people who would know . It didn’t have details an he is 100% healed from acl he wrecked in 2022 doing a workout. He played full schedule in 2023. I have no idea but it appears to be true an it along with his blocking style at school didn’t fit many teams . His blocking system in school fits Lions. How or when this happened an how much was not passed on just that is what Brad meant when he said there were personal issues. Take it for what its worth I don’t care he will be a solid pro OG an likely starter next season an will be back up this season.

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I would start Moseley on the PUP this year. We need the boost for playoff run no need to risk it early again.

CD3, Arnold, Amik, Vildor, Gilmore

That’s plenty good to get us through until those 2 return.

There have been questions with re to Mahogany’s stance and short area quickness though he did make some adjustments last season apparently. Wonder if the whole short/long leg might be the cause.

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This board is awesome. I learn so much stuff here, even when it’s not (or barely) football related… glad you’re here!


Oh boy, so a Greg Oden situation. NFL is different than NBA, but still, that is quite concerning.

That does sound a lot more realistic than a nose ring. :joy:

Manu also has a nose ring…so Holmes has given away one of his draft secrets. :wink:

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No one is dropping in ranking in todays NFL due to a nose ring. Yeah maybe in 1970 and 80s. But I mean I am not sure where you would draw this magical line of too unique or weird. I am a no tat dude. But I did have an earing in my early 20s…maybe only 19-20 LOL anything for the ladies. The point being that these things are not a big deal.
I will say that the long dreadlocks are the one that is always baffling to me. That looks like it has to suck. And also AA and his long hair. I do not know how they deal with the heat.

I do love that someone literally thinks someone would drop due to a nose ring. That says way more about that person than the player. Plus I bet the number of nose rings in the NFL is probably 2-5%. Just a swag but it is more than a few. And tats has to be at least 50%.

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Aint any heat in Michigan… they should all have long flowing mullets :joy::joy:

Country Music Hair GIF by CMT Music Awards

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Once the hair gets on the neck I gotta cut it. Would rather be like @BigNatty than AA.

Hair to me has been a huge pain in the arse for most of my 54 years. I do not remember even combing it in the last 10 years. Just run the fingers through in one direction and move on. Keep it shorter and keep moving.

My melon is huge and I am a fat bastard so bald is likely not the best look for me :rofl:

Haha I’m told baldness improves handsomeness 68.765439 percent of the time. So do you feel lucky?

— 34 career starts split between left (11) and right (23) guard

Ok full disclosure. I would have already tried the bald look. But my lovely bride of 29 years has threatened me with bodily harm. And I fall asleep before her and sleep like a dead man…which is concerning to me…she has always wanted me to have longish hair (mullet) which the compromise is I would keep my hair LOL. The things we do for love. I often thought I would go bald but I seem to have some strong hair genes. Even my hair cutter chick has commented how think and curly my hair is. And I am Irish so it is odd to me. I go to the cousins and they are all bald except me.