Fields dazzles through the air after exciting 40-yard dash at Ohio State's Pro Day

2021 NFL Draft: Justin Fields dazzles through the air after exciting 40-yard dash at Ohio State’s Pro Day

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Josh Edwards

By Josh Edwards

Mar 30, 2021 at 2:52 pm ET2 min read

Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields watched silently as he slipped down the 2021 NFL Draft’s quarterback rankings and mock draft projections knowing that he was scheduled to make a statement on March 30. After working out with personal quarterback coach John Beck for most of the offseason, Fields arrived back in Columbus to put his talents on display for NFL talent evaluators at the Ohio State Pro Day.

The Georgia native ran a 4.43 second unofficial 40-yard dash, which is noteworthy for the quarterback position. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the only quarterback taken in the first round since 2006 to run a faster 40-yard dash was Robert Griffin III, who ran a 4.41 second 40-yard dash at the 2012 NFL Combine. Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray did not run the 40-yard dash at their Pro Day or Combine. It is assumed that both would have registered faster times.

The quarterback continued his impressive day and statement of natural abilities into the throwing session. He went through a scripted throwing session with urgency before taking requests from the scouts in attendance. On a rollout to the left, Fields threw an off-platform throw off his back foot that traveled roughly 65 yards through the air and landed accurately in the arms of his wide receiver. When the transfer from Georgia released the throw, his hips were square, pointing downfield and both feet were off the ground. It was a remarkable display of natural ability and arm strength.

There is little for Fields to do but continue impressing during individual meetings with interested teams. Those personal interactions that he has with key decision-makers could ultimately determine where he is taken in the 2021 NFL Draft. As it currently stands, Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence and BYU’s Zach Wilson are the presumptive first two selections by the Jaguars and Jets, respectively.

CBS Sports spoke to Fields’ teammate, running back Trey Sermon, to gain some insight into the quarterback’s leadership.

“Justin is a great quarterback. He is versatile. He is accurate. He can make things out of nothing. He is a great leader as well. I don’t know why people are down on him. He is just a great player. He has battled through adversity as well; getting hurt, coming back, completing passes, throwing touchdowns and making plays to help the team succeed,” Sermon finished.

After trading up to No. 3 overall, San Francisco has introduced themselves as a team in the quarterback market. Although a lot of the buzz surrounds Alabama’s Mac Jones being the choice, there are some ties between Fields and the 49ers as well. Head coach Kyle Shanahan and Fields are both members of QB Collective, which is a meeting of minds of sorts with coaches and upcoming, arrived quarterbacks. ESPN’s Nick Wagoner also notes that Beck and Shanahan remain close friends dating back to their time together with the Washington Football Team.

The 2021 NFL Draft is scheduled to begin April 29 from Cleveland, Ohio.

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QB # 5 in this draft he i think he an Lance will be on boards at pick 4

Will be injured and out of the league in 3 years. Another in a very long line of Ohio crappy QBs


If SF drafts JF he will have the best career of any of the QBs in this draft.


As a disclaimer, I am not suggesting that we draft Fields. I just shared in hopes that his value helps our draft stock.

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I think it absolutely helps the value of our pick at 7. Fields should be a top 6 pick without question and I think expect there is a team out there that have already fallen in love with him. Atlanta at 4 just makes too much sense.

Atlanta at #4 just makes a ton of sense. I think Fields is going to take a little time getting used to the NFL, and in Atlanta there would be no rush. Plus Arthur Smith could grow and groom the kid into his new system with Matt Ryan alongside him. Talk about preparing a kid to have success. You can even create some sub packages as guys like Sean Payton do to use him as a weapon in the mean time.

With San Fran’s fantastic running game already and Shanahan calling the plays, any of the young QB’s are going to be very fortunate walking into that system.

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No, he should be the number 7 pick without question, but I don’t get to be in charge.

You’re right, he’ll go top 4.

Just curious, sort of. Which was the last ohio QB to make an impact in the league?

Everyone cried last year about Jeff Okudah being a ‘system’ CB. But everyone thinks Fields will be the greatest QB since RGIII. 2-3 years no one will remember his name, except when making jokes.

That is a big part of my point. Personally I happen to love Justin Fields as well.


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He wasn’t a #3OA because the DL was dominant so he wasn’t much picked on, that was the rub on him and the argument against #3OA

Just curious, sort of. Why in the world does that matter and have anything to do with Fields?

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He’s a running QB, and not a very good one. Running QBs don’t have long lifespans in the NFL. And ohio QBs don’t have lifespans at all.

I like Fields too. He fits the dynamic dual threat QB many teams are looking for these days. Fields did have 2 really bad games this past year though.

This was interesting as well, sounds like he might not be the best teammate or work ethic…

And this should have anything to do with Fields because?

Because no matter the draft position he’ll be out of the league in 2-3 years.

“Draft position” is supposed to mean what exactly? He’s being drafted as a QB. If you’re referring to where he gets drafted then you still haven’t answered my question.