Fields trade may happen soon, asking price unlikely to be met

Interesting take, and I absolutely can see the lack of suitors angle occurring.


Can he catch? make him a slot receiver/3rd down back who comes in for wildcat formations


3 deflated footballs, bottle of Jack Daniels, a couple baseball cards and Petey the parakeet should do it.

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Soon he’ll he pining for the fjords.

I don’t know where he goes. Thought Atlanta was his spot before Kirk is said to go there.

Pitt said they where staying with Pickett

I think Vegas wants to draft a guy.

Honestly Carolina should be looking at him


I heard Seattle is moving on from Geno :joy:

Probably. Will his 5th year option be that of a QB? Or would the team he does that for say he’s a RB? Do you think he’s emotionally ready for that demotion? Things would get very dicey in a hurry if he’s not groomed as starting QB by the trade partner.

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Yep I’d convert him to a RB/wildcat option. The dude is ridiculously elusive and fast. Just have him overthrow a WR occasionally to make the defense play honest and he really would be quite a weapon.

he’s not quite a ‘slash’ but he belongs on the field.

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If the market for him is soft, what is the downside of keeping him and drafting Caleb?

The dischord in locker room?

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That may happen, Poles isn’t on the firmest of ground in Chicago, and whatever spurs the Bears into contending for anything other than high draft picks is good for him. The question being whether they could coexist, and whether it would create a split locker room that would hasten his exit. Never underestimate a man’s self-preservation instinct :laughing:.

I think Jussie Smollet’s Nigerian buddies are looking for a gig…Justin…Jussie…it could work…

Paying Watson 50 mill a year and then trading for Fields doesn’t make much sense. But if anyone would… it’d be the Browns


I think there are several teams who would love to take a shot at being the change of scenery for Justin Fields. It just gets to be tough justifying paying a whole lot in draft capital to rehab a guy who’s only under contract for two years.

I’m usually mister “players are better than picks”, but even I would have a hard time justifying anything more than a second-rounder. I think the Bears have a fantasy of much more than that.

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That would be a coup for the Browns IMO

Fields is a very interesting case and not everyone’s cup of tea. With all of the QB talent in the draft this year, it makes it a buyers market for the same reason that the Bears are looking at moving on from him.

I really think he needs a RPO system of offense to thrive on the NFL level. Asking him to sit back in the pocket and glacially progress through four reads is pounding a square peg into a round hole. He needs freedom to take off on any given play and a limited read offense. Use the talent he has instead of trying to make him into something he’s not. Something Luke Getsy never got.

It really makes the list of teams willing to run like that into a very short list of suitors. Quite frankly I think the best fit for Fields is backing up Lamar in Baltimore.

If Seattle signs wilson for league minimum thats the biggest hose job trade ever!

He makes sense for Baltimore as insurance for when Lamar gets hurt. If he comes cheap.

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That actually kinda makes sense. That scheme is designed for running qb’s. Shit you could play them at the same time in a wildly creative package. Zone read when both guys can run and pass would be entertaining

Then again Fields as a backup…likely a tough sell to him.

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