Final 53?

I know it is way early to do this, but I’m curious as where everyone thinks the final 53 would shake out. There may be some interesting decisions to make On cut down day for this staff this year especially if the late round rookies make any noise. Below is how I see it

QB - Jared Goff, Tim Boyle
RB - Swift, Jamaal, Reynolds, Jefferson
FB - Cabinda
WR - Williams, Chark, St. Brown, Reynolds, Cephus, Raymond
TE - Hockenson, Mitchell, Graham
OT- Decker, Sewell, Nelson,
OG - Jackson, Vatai, Kraemer
OC - Ragnow, Brown

Edge - Hutchinson, Romeo, Julian, Harris, Paschal
DT - McNeil, Levi, Brockers, Penisini
LB - Barnes, Anzalone, Board, Davis, Rodriguez, Bryant
CB - Okudah, Amani, Melifonwu, Hughes, Jacobs, Parker
S - Walker, Elliot, Joseph, CJ Moore, Will Harris

K - Patterson
P - Fox
LS - Daly
KR - Raymond
PR - Raymond

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I hope harris doesnt make the team at S. Im ok with him at CB. I would love to hear if Okudah would consider switching to S. Also you set up the edge and LB groups in an obvious 4-3 base. Bryant isnt much of a 4-3 LB. But this is what i expect for the most part. Good work.

Honestly, there’s probably between 1 and 3 names not even on the roster yet that will make the final 53.

Still FAs out there, then all the in camp maneuverings, plus cutdown time release/trade stuff.

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You might be sleeping on James Houston… love his highlight reel


He’s fun to watch. Needs to tone down the physicality on the QB. Different application of the rules it seems.

I’d change that to Jameson Williams.

No thank you. Not worth the risk


He had 2 returns for a touchdown in the same game last year, at least put him back there once or twice a game.

that was before he had a history of a torn ACL.
Maybe re-visit the topic in 3 years?

Also… NFL rule changes make it harder to get adequate blocking for long returns… so still wouldn’t riski it.


I’m aware of that. Still not worth the risk. If it’s a must have return in a playoff gane or something sure. But in general I’d be very much against the idea.


I agree with this. I’d let him continue to field kicks in practice to keep the feel of catching them, but he’s not doing it in a game unless it’s go time for a playoff spot or in the playoffs. He’s too valuable. Risk vs reward. Especially this coming season.


This! Right here! Is why I didn’t want anything to do with Nakobe Dean.
What good are players you’re afraid to use?
Sure looks good having his name on the roster?
I hope Jamo works out. If we spent two picks on an injured guy who spends 50% of his career on IR, that will definitely count as an “aweshit”.

There’s only one I would quibble with at the moment:

The Problem instead of Bryant, though I could see Chase Lucas replacing AJ Parker.


Agree on Bryant. Think he gets cut. We’ll see on the CBs. I probably agree there as well as Lucas is more versatile. Better athlete as well.

How would a team feel losing Tyreek Hill for the season returning punts with how he changes the game when he’s out there on offense? When they have other guys who can return kicks?

It cuts both ways.

You want to protect your weapons so they’re available to impact the game when you need them to impact the game.

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Jason Sehorn has an opinion on that…

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He make the team because he can back up both spots.


I think we’ll put Raymond back there at KR and stash Pimpleton on the PS in case of an injury yo Raymond.

Looks WAY better than last year at this time. As always we need them to stay healthy. Practice squad should be decent too.

As camps roll around and some guys on other teams get hurt it would be nice to trim some guys and load up on picks. I know they will be late rounders but maybe someone will give us a 5th and 7th for Trinity Benson. We could throw them back a 6th.


I think your roster is close, but who is Graham? UFA?? UDFA??