Fire the coach!

he went for it on 4th down, on lions 45 yd line !

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Finally a FIRE thread

Fire the meathead DC!!
Fire AG too!!

Fire Holmes — fraud!!

We suck!!

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I know we should already give up. Seasons over (sarcasm)

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I love Campbell, and often times his aggressiveness does pay off, but up by four in that situation you have to punt the ball.

If Geno Smith drives 90 yards for the game winning score at Ford Field then you know for sure you have to fire A G.

Who knows, maybe Fox pins them inside the 5. Giving them the ball at mid field was dumb.


I don’t remember anyone calling for him to be fired.
He’s a fairly blunt, straight shooter, and he was a long time player in the league.
He needs to tighten up his game.
Losing the home opener with the sold out crowd behind you?
If he doesn’t know he has to do better, then, he should be fired.
He knows.

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There was over one quarter left. It wasn’t a “game winning drive.” Not taking the three points earlier bothers me more tbh.

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Correct, It was the end of the third quarter. I got the timing of that drive mixed up. I still think you have to punt in that situation. We could of had them pinned back at the goaline.

That would be prevailing wisdom of course. Analytics had it as a push basically. :man_shrugging:

I really don’t think it’s changing so I’m going to roll with it.

This sounds terrible to say but I don’t have a ton of faith that we would have stopped a 90 yard drive either.

I don’t think Dan Campbell has faith in the defense stopping a 90 yard drive either. Thats the biggest problem right there.

It lead to him going for it right there and being too conservative with the play clock at the end of the game.

That one I definitely agree with. I would have preferred 7-10 more seconds saved in that last possession but otherwise the strategy was exactly what I wanted to see. We settled for a field goal bc of downs not time. I find the mental gymnastics that many here and on Twitter are going through to suggest that the result would have been different had we played with more pace rather amusing. There is no evidence of that. It could be. And it could not be. If we still end up with 3 and leave Seattle close to one minute and a timeout our odds of winning decrease substantially.

What’s better than a “Fire the Coach” thread?

Two of them!

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Deja vu

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