First cut/camp casualties

Patrick Natrez, thank you for you service.

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Dan said in one presser that everyone showed up in shape for camp except one… wondering who that was…

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happy trails chief. A ’ ho.

To be fair, he also specified that it was due to an injury and that aside from that, the player is doing everything he is supposed to as well as everything he can to get back into game shape.

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Pretty sure that was Pascal.

I’ll never understand why someone in today’s nfl would show up out of shape if they’re a fringe roster guy. Unless it had to do with an injury. Otherwise you’re basically asking to be cut.

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It was an injured player who just resumed running activity the week prior. Everybody who was capable showed up and hit the ground running.


Campbell said only one didn’t pass the conditioning test. Players on PUP and NFI wouldn’t have taken that test until they pass a physical. So it wasn’t Paschal and it wasn’t Natrez.


I assume we will find this out on Hard Knocks

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Wasn’t him Dead Stroke is right if your going on pup you don’t take the physical test.

I think he is right about the LB Natrez Patrick He is only one released for no health reason.

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