First Post Here: A Trade Down/Up Wish

Having spent 45 minutes looking around, I’m impressed with this forum. Lots of bright takes with a nice pinch analytics. Props.

OK…my first post. Please share what you like or don’t. I can take a hit.

I’ve heard it said there are perhaps only 20 or so true 1st round worthy picks in this class. With that in mind I’d like to trade down, while also finding a trade-up partner.

So I would seek 2 trades.

I know for fact the Chargers (Pick 21) are looking to trade down. Trading from 6 down to 10-16 should be easy enough to balance out the trade capital and maintain two darts for 2nd round.

This is ideally what I’d do with those 3 picks:
-16 Bresee DT
-18 Myles Murphy Edge
-21 Dalton Kincaid TE

Other realistic 1st round favs in this 12-21 range: Wilson, Bijan, Branch, Kancey, Skoronski, JSN, Broderick Jones, Banks, Wright.



Welcome to the board and i got little issues with that draft. Dont see a te that high but if it was kincaid i would be ok with it. He should be a very solid player.


Who are the chargers going up for at 6? And are you a chargers fan?

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I like several teams, including Chargers. Lions are an interest for me…part time fan. LAC GM has said explicitly trading down is being looked at hard. They need depth.

Again, this requires two dance partners. A trade down. Then a trade up.

Let me loosely sketch the type of thing I’m talking about, using trade simulator:
Trade 1: Packers get #6. Lions get #15,45,78,116,149
Trade 2: Lions get Pick #21. Chargers get 45,78,116,149

Here Lions end up with 15,18, 21


Welcome to the forum!
Anderson is the only one worth trading up for.
I really can’t see anyone wanting the #6 pick this year enough to make it worth it to us.
On the other hand, there really is no consensus pick at #6.
If someone offered a 2nd and 3rd this year and 2nd and 3rd next year, I’d probably take it. Otherwise, I’d probably do something stupid like take either Bijan or Skoronski at #6oa and be thrilled.



Teams fall hard in love with specific players. At 6 there might still be a QB that some team is fixed on. They might be hard up for a specific Edge player.

You leverage their lust and derive the benefit.

You like Bijan or Skoronski? Trade down 8 spots from 6 and you still get one of them. By trading down you’ve just added another premium second round player. You just added BJ Ojulari or Jalin Hyatt as a bonus.


Ah! The only team I can think of that has two first round picks to trade is Chicago. It wouldn’t be worth it for them to move up 3 picks. Especially with the question mark on Carter. He may fall to them. They’ll likely have some really good options at #9oa.
Holy crap! You changed your whole post. Now my post makes no sense. Which is norhing new, but…:laughing:

FIRST, Welcome YAC. I am not in favor of trading down at all ! WHY? it means that you wait longer while other teams get to ‘Cherry Pick’ and take many draft prospects we had our hearts set on , basically, you let our opponents feast on higher talent while you sit hopeless to watch it happen . As it is we have to wait for six other teams to pick while we wait and hold our breath and pray the player WE want/players…are still there. that said…our staff may trade up, you never know. We just get to sit and watch and curse and throw things sometimes lol. but I never like trading down. there is a hell of a lot of nice prospects this draft , it might save your butt a few times that your favorite isn’t snatched away…yet that’s not a given/ sure thing either.

Status of teams trading up to 6OA for the 4th QB

Within the first 16 picks, I think our only possible trading partners are Tennessee and Washington, with an outside chance we swindle a 4th rounder from Vegas.

And welcome YAC. Great metric.


Welcome aboard brothaman!

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I think it’s unlikely they trade down when you consider the existing depth on the roster after free agency. It doesn’t make sense to sign a bunch of 3rd day guys who will most likely get released before the season. I think it’s actually a situation where a move up is far more likely but it’s going to depend on specific players being available at certain spots. I agree there’s a shortage of top end talent but this is also a ridiculously deep draft at CB, RB, and TE. I would expect to come out with at least a few of those guys because there is bound to be some really good value in the mid to late rounds.

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At first I thought that Hock created an account here. Then after a bit, nah, the moniker would have been “No-YAC”.

Welcome aboard!

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Welcome to the board!

I like the Bresee pick, tbd on the others.

I feel Philly could take Bijan with their 10OA pick. If he gets past Philly then yea. But the rumor on the street is, Philly very high on Bijan.

Anything’s plausible with Brad. He’s shown he’ll go after the guys he likes and while he’s only traded down once, generally GMs willing to move around the board will do it in both directions.

I do expect any trade downs will have to include early picks next year. Not a certainly, but our current roster construction/timeline is skewed so young, we need to start spreading it out going forward. Which of course makes it more difficult, since everyone will want to keep their picks for the QB extravaganza next year.

I also think it’s possible we trade up into the back third of the 1st round without having traded down from 6 or 18. I don’t know that we’d go all the way to 21, but if someone like Adebawore or Benton are still there in the late 20s, I could see them liking either one enough to move up. And of course there’s a lot of other guys they might like as well. But both drafts so far Brad had tried to move up with our initial 2nd round pick. Last year he succeeded.

And welcome to the board!


If a QB is there at 6, I see 5 teams who could potentially look to Trade into that slot

#11. Tennessee
#16. Washington
#19. Tampa Bay
#22. Baltimore
#23. Minnesota

I would pull the trigger instantly if any of these teams offered two 1st and a 2-3rd filler

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Two firsts, absolutely just not sure anyone will be willing to do that when you compare the 23 and 24 drafts when it comes to the QB’s in each.

My plan isn’t to trade down to day three. It’s to do two trades (down, then up) to end up with 3 first round picks in the middle of the round. Want 3 blue-chippers.

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I have no problem with trading forward (into next year). Usually with the related value bump it’s awesome. Some day a GM is going to become trade-forward king and transform his franchise into the bank of Bravos. Fans will weep, then reap…rewards.

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Howie’s been pretty great at it the past couple of years. Will be interesting to see if he tries it again. They only have 6 picks this year and none in the 4th, 5th or 6th rounds, they may want to add some picks in that range, I don’t know.

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