First reg season game gitters! Like Your homecoming game in HS!

So, I’m started to get excited for the opening game we have and not a normal excitement- different like HS football…

We are coming out on our first live game And it freaking counts!! No preseason no Practice game - just show up and ball!!

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Love it! What’s the date of the first game?

25 days baby!!

13 August at home vs. Da Bears!! divisional game to boot!!

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August 13th … damn I missed it … lol

It is odd for me. Usually I get to training camp (more than once) then go to every preseason game.

This year straight to football. It’s like taking a woman straight to the bedroom on the first date. No dinner, no movie, no light conversation… just straight to business… I kinda dig it!


That’s called a prostitute brother!!

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August 13 is like scary premature… jitters for sure.