First round pick next year

Looking ahead, I am going to assume the Jets and Giants pick 1 & 2. The Lions are at #3-8.
Once the Jets take Lawrence, would you trade the first round pick for Sam Darnold? He will be 24 next season. I am sure that would be enough to get Darnold from the Jets.

Defense defense defense

If we can pick Lawrence or Fields and choose not to I am going to be irate. Maybe Lance as well. Not familiar enough at the moment.

The Lions aren’t getting Lawrence.
I’m not sold on Fields.

We’ll get the tightest of ends


And the backest of corners…

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Now we’re talking. I smell dynasty!

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I just hope they don’t keep Quinn.
He’ll pick a safety at #3 next year.

Oh man, if we have the draft capital!!

We need to do our homework on Rousseau

Fields is terrific IMO

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U damn well know it’ll be a linebacker.

How can it not be. They will end up picking 6th and fall in love with a 3 down LB.

In all seriousness, I expect a pick around 5 or 6 and a DT to build from the inside out fornwhatever new scheme the new regime runs. I mean it could be a rush end, but I’m not holding my breath.

If we ignore D line in the first round again it will be a damn travesty. It is by far the weakest area of our team

I PRAY its NOT Marvin Wilson (FSU)…Hopefully, its a stud DE in the 1st…Love Kwity Payne, but he’s not worth a TOP 10 Pick, IMO…14-20 maybe…

Don’t be surprised if its another CB…Trufant is ABOUT DONE…Besides, Okudah & OSU’s Wade would be a good tandem, IMO…Who Knows ???

I like him way more than Lawrence honestly.

Micah Parsons wouldn’t be horrible, but I want a D lineman

Trey Lance

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I want a new coach

Watch it be a stud WR !!!..After cutting WR Jones, who deserves a 1-2 year contract, at least.