First round playoff scenarios: who we’ll play and how

OK, so I hope this is a sensical breakdown …

Packers at Lions: Packers win (CHI) + Lions win (MIN) OR SF win (LA)
Rams at Lions: Bears win (GB) OR Rams win (SF)
Seahawks at Lions: Seahawks win (AZ) + Lions win (MIN) + Bears win (GB) + Rams win (SF) + Giants win (PHI) + Redskins win (DAL)

Please let me know if there are any corrections. I didn’t take into account seeding because nothing really changes. But for the record, in two scenarios where the Lions are the 2 seed, they’ll host Seattle or Green Bay.


Rams or Packers ,I think rams

How does Greenbay move to 6 seed without Rams losing?

The league/tv networks will guarantee it’s a Lions v Rams matchup…follow the money, hype, potential viewiership numbers, and article clicks. Look for GB to have some “questionable” calls go against them or in favor of the Bears next week. I’m convinced more than ever it’s all about money and entertainment first; integrity of the sport second.

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Here’s my hope for next week’s results (as unlikely as it is, it is my hope)

Which would give us the #2 seed and a first round match up with the Saints

playoff matchups

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Giants and 'skins, huh?
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The Packers are a huge money draw for the league. If we are following the money, that’s the direction it would go IMO. I agree with your view of following the money.

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WOW. I thought I had run every possible scenario. Evidently not.

And, by the way …

I get this is all impossibly unlikely, but I can see a scenario where we beat NO, Matt beats Dallas, and the Bucs beat the Eagles, so we’d end up hosting the Bucs for a shot to the NFC championship game at SF, OR, if Matt somehow upsets Dallas AND SF, maybe host the Rams for the NFC championship game.

Dear lord, the storylines.

Lions must get through Matt to make it to their first Super Bowl.
Goff’s championship redemption against McVay.

Christ. My head is spinning.


With regard to your last 4 paragraphs (lines)

Would you really want it any other way? :crazy_face: :smile:

I know I wouldn’t and yeah it’ll definitely be a bitter pill to swallow if somehow the Goats come out on top, I watch them every week here, it may be closer than I’d prefer but I really like the Lions chances

If Rams beat SF backups we play them.

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unless Giants and Skins win

Yes in theory

The Giants beat the Eagles
The Commanders beat the Cowboys
The Rams beat the 49ers
The Packers beat the Bears
The Lions beat the Vikes

Then yes we play the Packers

Seahawks could use the Pack to lose to the Bears to end up the 7 seed with a win vs Cards.

All of the teams are the same. Packers, Rams, Seahawks could and 2 have beat us. If we play our best game, we beat any of the 3….

I recommend resting our key guys on offense, and trying to pitch a shut out on D…. Jaren Hall and the Vikings likely have their eyes set on picking around #10 now…. Maye, Williams,
J Daniels, and Penix… one should be there.

Because I’m pretty sure the Vikings that will be playing will be out to ruin our day, hitting hard, maybe late etc.

Get Monty a day off… let’s Gibby have 10 carries and Netflix the rest. See if Goff can throw a TD or two early and let Teddy or Hooker play.

  • I am not advocating we play Hooker to “see what we have,” but rather because I think he already better than Teddy. Once a guy decides mid season he’s retiring, and hasn’t played a snap all year…. It’s hard to believe there is anything useful in that tank. Hooker can move around more, take some deep shots- I just think he could gut out a game the way Tyrod can.

In the above scenario, the Packers don’t need to beat the Bears for us to avoid the Rams.
If the Bears beat the Packers and the Seahawks win, we’d play Seattle.
If the Bears beat the Packers and the Seahawks lose, we’d play either New Orleans or GreenBay

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