Fishing.... It's Time!

I’ve always compared the Lions to a crazy ex girlfriend you keep getting back together with every August. In the beginning everything seems great again, but by mid to late September, you already know it was a horrible mistake. And then learn nothing and repeat it all again next August. haha this is something I’m trying to work on.


There’s still two left.

“Brothers & Sisters” is still my fave. Not counting the awesome “Dreams” box set.


That is an excellent analogy! So then you break up in October/November, kinda sorta stay in touch-ish… think of the future possibilities and what could be in April, start really missing her in July, and boom…

So very true…


I’m partial to Brothers and Sisters too, but it’s all good! Definitely dig some Allman bros.!


Usually it’s much earlier… haha this year I made it to October 9th! not bad.

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Fishing Fail GIF by Conesulfoz


Don’t drink and fish! haha

Who am I kidding, fishing was invented for men to drink beer away from their wives. I had a buddy when i lived overseas in Asia that used to pick up fresh fish from the market after a day of drinking and try to convince his wife he caught it. She knew he was full of shit, but it sure was hilarious.

I’m teaching my daughter to drive. I find that far more relaxing than the Lions. Less likely to witness a catastrophe too.


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